Out Of All The Places In Malaysia That You Visit, These Are Sure To Steal Your Heart!

Malaysia, the 66th largest country globally, presents a fascinating cultural diversity. It has a lot to offer to vacationers, irrespective of their budget or interests. And your experience as a shopper here is sure to be an amazing one. Add to it the country’s architectural splendour; a trip here will stay in your memory for a lifetime.

A few meters away from the capital city, excitement galore is waiting for you. Exotic wildlife, a great many temples, palaces, caves; the list is endless. The country is also a paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers. Stunning coral reefs and stretches of sandy beaches are the other things tourists love here.

  1. Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur

This is the world’s tallest twin tower. It is 452 meters high, has 88 floors and 77 elevators. The towers are constructed using reinforced concrete, steel and glass. A double sky bridge at the 41st and 42nd floors connects the two towers. Atop the towers, you get a panoramic view of the surrounding regions. This is more beautiful at night.

Most of the floors of the towers are given for rent to reputed companies like Microsoft and IBM. The floors at the bottom are reserved for Suria KLCC. It belongs to the group of large-scale shopping complexes in the country. The space features 300 stores, an entertainment hall and an art gallery. This will help you while away hours without you noticing it.

  • Sipadan Island

Do you love scuba diving? If yes, you would love being here. The place is hailed as the best Borneo has to offer. Exotic marine life and beautiful coral reefs surround this reef atoll. You will come across underwater beings of all sizes and types on this remote island. Reaching this isolated abode of nature is a tough job. But every spend you spend here is worth all your time and energy.

  • Genting Highlands

Just away from the capital city, Genting Highlands is a beautiful escape from the maddening crowd. The vacation accommodations and amusement parks here are reserved for its residents. Still, the experience is worth being a part of your itinerary here.

  • Langkawi Island

This stunning archipelago is one of the top places in Malaysia. It is hailed for the vast stretches of soft sandy beaches. The azure blue water here enthrals tourists from far and wide. The geo-park here is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most prominent attraction here is the cable car ride. Children love it. The entry charge here is INR15-20 per head to spend one hour here.

  • Kinabatangan

The remainder of the rainforest is located at the east of Sabah. The place is an excellent site that gives you an understanding of the exotic wildlife in the region. If you are looking for a romantic destination, this is perfect. Get to the jungle camp, and you will enjoy wildlife in its natural environment. Spend two days here at a nominal cost of INR6000 for two adults.

  • Petaling Jaya

People fondly call this small city PJ. The place is the rainiest in the entire country. There is no dry season here. The best time to be here is November-February.

  • Batu Ferringhi

This is a resort town located just a few yards away from George Town. Vacationers love the place because of Miami Beach. Palm trees and sandy beaches here welcome tourists with outstretched arms. And it is a place water sports-lovers prefer to any other location. Enjoy a banana boat ride or spend the time of your life here parasailing. Jet-skiers and sailors too love to be here.

  • Kuantan

Kuantan is the capital of Pahang, Malaysia’s largest State. This too is renowned for a great many beaches. If you love Malay culture, you have to be here. Beautiful sunsets, moderate weather, hospitable resident, and a relaxing atmosphere invite travellers to this beautiful town. Roaming around in these places is going to be fun if you get reliable bus service. And that is what RedBus has in store for you. Booking a bus ticket online with it is a breeze. Welcome to Malaysia; bask in its stunning abode of nature, feast your eyes on the exotic wildlife here and have the time of your life in the blue waters.

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