How to Prepare for Your First Paragliding Experience

Paragliding is one of the most thrilling air sports in India, which allows you to fly across the sky like a free bird. It is all about a sense of freedom, magnificent views of the landscape below and gliding through the clouds.

If paragliding fascinates you, then this is one adventure you must have in Manali at least once in your lifetime. For an unforgettable adrenaline rush, here’s how to do it right.

The Right Equipment

The basic equipment needed for safely paragliding in Manali are a harness, paraglider and a flight helmet, meeting the EN 966 standard. Consider a high quality, brand new kit for your first paragliding session. If the guides are using secondhand ones, make sure the equipment is in proper working conditions. Also, the kit must be serviced recently and inspected before use. Take help of a professional to select the right safety gear for yourself.

Listen To the Instructor

Certified professionals give you crucial directions to avoid injuries while taking off or landing. For example, keep running till you are in the air, don’t sit while jumping off the edge and don’t lean forward too much. Try to keep these in mind to avoid potential risks and unnecessary panicking, like those seen in hilarious viral videos. Most pilots are highly trained and they know how to handle every situation during an airborne sport. However, make sure you try your best to abide by the instructions for a safe ride.

Avoid Heavy Food

As a beginner, you are most likely to experience headaches, burps and dizziness. These are quite natural and common symptoms of motion sickness. To prevent these symptoms, it is recommended not to eat anything at least 30 minutes before the ride. You can have a light breakfast, like fruits or poha. Try to avoid heavy meals like paratha, chhole bhature and rice. You might throw up mid-air, which will ruin the experience altogether.

Try Not to Panic

Most hilarious viral videos show how excessive panicking made the glider scream and cry for no reason. Although paragliding can get your heart racing for a while, all the nervousness is worth a shot. Once you are in the air, your mind and body will be relaxed. Highly trained guides will accompany you and they know how to make the experience safe. If you are scared of heights, talk to the instructor first and see what they suggest.

There are loads of paragliding videos available online. Try to watch a couple of them to get an idea of what to expected while you are in the air. Watch a few funny videos as well to help mitigate the fear. If you are pregnant or suffering from hypertension or epilepsy, it is best to avoid the sport.

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