How to Pick the Right Online Store for Home Linen

Buying home linen is an important task, because the right items beautify your home to a great extent. But you don’t need to go to the linen store personally – you can order whatever you need online.

But where do you order the items from? Let’s get you up to speed on how to choose the best linen store online:

* Go with a leading home linen store.

It is always best to go with leading names in the home linen category. Leading brands have a wide range of choices across bed sheets, dohars, comforters, pillow cases, pillows, bath towels, hand towels, curtains, floor rugs, etc. The wider the choice of home linen, the more you get to explore when you wish to shop for home linen online. You can also get most of the collection on prominent e-commerce sites, but it is always better to buy directly from the manufacturers to ensure authenticity.

* Check out the collection.

Once you have zeroed in on the home linen store online, start exploring their collection. Click on every single section, from bed sheets to pillow cases, and from towels to floor rugs. See if there are multiple options in colours or sizes for the linen items you pick. As mentioned above, there must be a wide selection in items, colours, fabrics, sizes and even price points.

* Check responsiveness to queries and the order you place.

There are several home linen stores online, but only a few are able to deliver goods quickly and respond rapidly to customer queries. These are important traits for online stores, and there cannot be any negotiation on them. Promptness is required not just to answer questions, but to modify an order already placed, or refund your money in case you exchange or return a purchase. If the store fails on these fronts, it is best avoided.

* See if online payment options are secure and plentiful.

The online home linen store must have multiple online payment options, as well as COD (Cash On Delivery). As you know, the COD option is used when you wish to pay for the delivery after it is made to your address. It is helpful to have the COD option in case you are trying out the store for the first time, and want to check the contents of the package before you pay up. Other online payment options are credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI apps, etc. Using these, you can pay securely online and then wait for the package delivery.

* Check the delivery times for future reference.

The store might give you an estimated date of delivery of the purchase. Check to see if the store adheres to this time frame, or if there are unexplained delays or even cancellation of your order from the seller’s end. If the store delivers on or before time, it is a good sign and you can continue ordering from the same store.

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