Ways to Waterproof a Roof

Waterproofing of flat terraces is a severe problem. When dealing with flat surfaces, the water cannot run off the structure and will pool above the surface, thus leading to leakage issues. Besides, these flat surfaces require sumps or collection pits for the water to flow into before entering the vertical drainage pipes, which another excellent source of leaks.

The best way to waterproof a roof is to use a waterproofing method. Adding a waterproofing coating will help offset this issue and allow your roof to last much longer. This article will tell you exactly how to waterproof a roof or a flat surface.

Clean the Roof

To successfully seal your roof, you first need to start with a clean surface. Doing so requires a push broom and dustpan to remove any existing dust or dirt. This has to be done correctly so as not to leave behind any dirt, which will eventually cause a problem during the final waterproofing stages.

Carry Out Repairs

Concrete is highly susceptible to leaks and cracks. These areas are main spots for water to corrode the concrete further. There are plenty of ways to fix this issue. Carry out this process until you are sure the hole or crack is completely sealed.

Use Seam Tape

Priming helps in the waterproofing process, but before you can add it, you will need to cover any seams in the concrete with seam tape if possible. Use a single piece wherever you can, and make sure it is centred over the seam when you put it down.

Coat with Primer

Once you complete using seam tape, the next step is the application of primer on the entire roof. Wait for the coat to dry completely before you determine whether you will need a another one. The product being used should indicate the approximate dry time, so ensure you follow instructions.

Spray on the Selected Vapour Barrier

Pour the chosen vapour barrier after the primer is dry, and liberally spray an even coat onto the concrete roof. Allow the vapour barrier to dry before you add a second coat. Then, after your final coat dries, you can choose to paint over it.

While there are many roof waterproofing products available, Dr.Fixit’s varied list of products have time and again proved to be helpful. Dr.Fixit Roofseal range of roof waterproofing solutions works as the right roof waterproofing solution for new homeowners.

After careful consideration, ensure you pick the right roof waterproofing product to provide an excellent result and prevent leakage issues in the future.

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