How To Choose The Best Pillow If You Have Neck Pain

Every person has it at some point in their lifetime. Neck pain is a serious issue that you contend with for a few days or even a few years, depending on the cause and nature of the problem.

Those with neck injuries may suffer the effects of the incident for years, despite therapy. Meanwhile, others might experience short bursts of pain in the neck area, resulting in stiffness and a dull ache. The pain may go away after a while on its own, or when you apply a pain balm. However, it is most commonly caused by the pillow you use on your bed.

How you sleep matters a lot for your neck pain

Every person has a preferred sleeping position. Some sleep on their backs. Others sleep on their sides. Still others sleep on their bellies. Whatever the position you choose to sleep in, has a direct bearing on whether your neck may hurt or not.

* Sleeping on the back: You need support for both the top of the shoulders and neck. Most people use a basic pillow and if you sleep on your back, then it should suffice. However, the neck must remain in line with the spine.

* Sleeping on the sides: This sleeping position requires better neck support. The neck often dips downward in sleep, or upward (above the plane of the shoulder blades) if the pillow is a high and firm one. Spinal misalignment happens most commonly with this position. The pillow must be soft enough to keep the neck in line with the rest of the spine, but firm to offer support to the head.

* Sleeping on the belly: This is an awkward position for the neck. While the spine largely remains straight, the neck is turned sideways either to the left or the right. Again, the neck and head should remain well supported so that the neck remains in line with the spine. The chances for a stiff neck are higher with this sleeping position, since the head may remain turned for long.

The best kind of pillow for your neck pain: A memory foam gel pillow

Choosing the best pillow for your bed and overall health concerns is not a breeze. And yet, most people pick the first pillow they can find without a thought. While everyone wants a snuggly, soft pillow that is fluffy and in which your face can sink in, an overly soft pillow may actually give you neck and shoulder pain.

If you already suffer from neck pain, it may be time to get a new pillow. But which one do you choose? We recommend a memory foam gel pillow, because:

  • The memory foam conforms to, or takes the shape of, your neck and upper shoulders. This provides the right kind of cushioning and support to eliminate or reduce neck pain.
  • Memory foam is able to return to its original form after use. The material is highly durable and your pillow will retain its structure and shape despite years of use. So if you are put off by the supposedly high price of memory foam gel pillows in Dubai’s stores, don’t be: consider it a one-time value investment. Or look for more affordable options in online mattress stores in the UAE.
  • The memory foam pillow is composed of pieces of viscous elastic polyfoam. The foam becomes slightly soft when it comes in contact with body heat, thus helping the pillow conform to the shape of the neck and shoulders. Once you are out of bed and when the element of body heat is gone, the foam regains its earlier heft.
  • Memory foam pillows have an adjustable ‘loft’, i.e. thickness of the pillow if the inner foam is shredded to certain dimensions. Premium mattress stores in the UAE offer the best memory foam pillows with low, medium and high loft. The loft you choose depends on how you sleep, whether your neck is fully/partially supported by the pillow, the size of your head, and so on. Your doctor can recommend the right loft of pillow for you.

If in doubt, ask your doctor for recommendations on the best brands in memory or latex pillows, to eliminate neck pain forever.

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