The 3 Best Procedures To Look For In Dubai

Beauty may be skin deep, but it definitely drives our self-image and self-esteem. Every person wishes to look and feel beautiful outside and inside. However, some of us require a doctor’s help to be able to achieve this goal – and it may be a medical necessity, especially if your skin and hair are suffering and causing you silent agony.

The problem is not with knowing that your skin and hair need help – the issue lies in choosing the right treatment. You can ease your job considerably by approaching a leading cosmetic clinic in Dubai. The city has a number of reputed cosmetic clinics helmed by experienced dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. The best clinics can customise treatments for you, and also offer advice on nutrition, lifestyle changes and exercise to make the treatment outcomes more effective.

Which procedures should you look out for in Dubai, in your quest for great skin and hair? The following are our top 3 picks:

#1 Hair strength therapy.

Your hair is literally the first thing anybody notices in your body – cascading waves of glossy, thick hair make for such a pleasurable sight! But lately, especially after your move to Dubai, your shiny hair has begun to lose its sheen and volume. Your tresses have become limp and your scalp is also becoming oily and prone to dandruff. It could all be attributed to environmental factors and stress, but the sooner you consult a doctor for the right hair therapy, the more hair you will save. The best cosmetic clinics in Dubai have doctors that are experts in administering the right hair strength therapy based on the nature of the problem and extent of damage. We recommend trying out PRP and PRP HC (Platelet Rich Plasma therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma High Concentration therapy), Mesotherapy, Hair Cell Activation and Needle-less infusion as amongst the best hair repair and restoration treatments being offered currently in Dubai.

#2 Acne repair and removal solutions.

The hot weather in Dubai, the hard water, pollution, exposure to air-conditioned environs and daily stress can all contribute to alter your skin’s composition. Aging is also a factor to consider, especially if your skin’s internal cellular composition has begun to change and collagen levels have dropped in recent times. All these factors, along with poor skin hygiene and lack of hydration, can cause acne. Adult acne is often stubborn and tough to treat without it leaving marks on the skin. Consult a reputed cosmetic clinic in Dubai and find out if they offer cutting-edge acne removal solutions to exfoliate, cleanse, moisturise and aid cellular repair and restoration. These therapies boost collagen production, lock in hydration and help the skin remove acne without visible signs.

#3 Permanent hair removal using laser.

Visible hair on the skin is a real problem, especially when it forces you to alter your clothing choices. You wish to wear skirts and dresses, or even sleeveless tops, but hair sprouting out of your armpits, or clearly visible on your arms and legs scuppers your plans. Your daily work schedules also may not leave time for long salon treatments, and salons are also fully booked for waxing sessions in the festive season. Instead of looking at short term fixes like waxing and depilation creams, why not opt for a more permanent solution to the problem of visible body hair? We recommend a semi-permanent hair removal solution – opt for luxe laser hair removal for effective, safe and long term freedom from visible hair woes. The laser beam ‘burns’ the hair follicles in the target areas of the skin without harming the skin tissues. Since the hair follicles are completely destroyed, they take a long time to rebuild. Also, the new hair is often weaker and sparser than before, making it easier to remove the hair entirely in repeat sessions. Once you find the right cosmetic clinic in Dubai, do schedule a first appointment with a leading dermatologist so that they may study your problem and recommend the next course of action. Be sure to ask about side effects, pre- and post-procedure care, and how to maintain the treatment outcomes going several months later.

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