The 3 Types Of Mattresses To Check Out In Dubai

Sleep is one of the healing elixirs of life. Those who are blessed with deep, uninterrupted sleep every night wake up refreshed and full of energy to face the new day. Whereas those with a poor sleep quality may wake up with body ache, headache, exhaustion and general irritability. A good night’s sleep is necessary for good health and a sharp mind. And it can be achieved by using a good mattress.

Unfortunately, in the quest for a comfortable mattress, we often end up buying a super soft one that does nothing to offer body cushioning and spinal support. The biggest cause of back pain in most adults is spinal misalignment brought on by the wrong posture and the wrong mattress. A too-soft mattress might feel comfortable, but it causes the spine to bend unnaturally while you sleep – this leads to joint distress and muscle pain. On the other hand, a too-hard mattress can also cause muscular pain and slight bruising.

The solution lies in exploring different kinds of mattresses and finding the right one to suit your bed, lifestyle and health. We list the three best ones to buy in Dubai, from among latex, memory foam and medicated mattresses:

#1 Medicated mattress.

A medicated mattress is normally recommended by doctors for those with chronic or new back pain, pain resulting from injury in the torso or leg area, or those looking for a firm mattress instead of a super soft one. It is made of compressed PU foam, which offers extra firm support to the back and major joints of the body. It is said to improve the posture while one sleeps, by correcting spinal misalignment, which is the major cause of back pain. Apart from firm support, it offers even weight distribution and also reduces differential pressure. This last factor is important when one of the users of the bed is a restless sleeper whose constant movement might wake the other person up. However, before you buy a medicated mattress, it is better to check with your doctor if it is really necessary to do so. This mattress is normally recommended for senior citizens and those with chronic pain or injuries.

#2 Latex mattress.         

A latex mattress is made of latex foam and supplemented by reflex foam or springs to create a durable, firm inner core. Latex is a natural substance found in rubber trees in certain parts of the world. It was first used in mattresses in the US in the early 1900s. Today, latex is also used in pillows and some mattress toppers. You can get a fully natural latex mattress, or a composite one where the latex is supplanted with other natural or polyurethane fillings. It offers a springy finish that is super comfortable, and it shows superior heat absorption capabilities as well. Thus, the mattress never overheats when in use, and you can sleep in comfort and peace. Latex mattresses are highly recommended for hot climates like in the UAE, and for those who suffer from disturbed sleep owing to body ache.

#3 Memory foam mattress.

Memory foam is made out of polyurethane and is slightly viscous in nature. This property helps it adapt to the user’s body contours and weight when in use. Memory foam mattresses offer superior cushioning and weight distribution. When in use, they mould perfectly to the user’s contours and body pressure so that one feels cushioned all over. Once you are out of bed, the memory foam returns to its former state. It is a highly durable material that provides comfort, cooling and high cushioning for years, making it a sound investment for the home. You can also buy memory foam pillows and mattress toppers to match the mattress. There you have it, the three types of must-have mattresses to check out for your home in Dubai. Be sure to buy the mattress from leading online mattress stores only, for the best bargains, materials and guarantees. Once you find the mattress you are looking for, you can order it online and have it delivered within just a couple of days. Look for retailers that will take away the old mattress while installing the new one.

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