Understanding vaginal health

Even in today’s times, like menstruation, vaginal health and hygiene is a taboo subject in the country. Many women may till date, refrain from talking about or sharing knowledge on maintaining feminine hygiene. However, vaginal hygiene is an essential aspect for overall health, and it is necessary to keep the genitals clean and the reproductive tract healthy. 

No matter your age, provided below is some essential information on vaginal health which you should update yourself with.

Traditional ways sexual, menstrual and reproductive hygiene in India

Usually, an urban woman is more likely to take care of her reproductive and menstrual hygiene in a well-informed manner as compared to their rural counterparts, based on reasons like economic status, personal preferences and an understanding of the products already easily available to them. Traditionally and historically, women weren’t aware of sexual and reproductive hygiene, with cotton or reusable pieces of cloth used for periods. In addition, women did not have enough information and were also apprehensive of talking to people about it. This is in stark contrast to today’s situation where one can visit a gynecologist in Chennai, without any second thought. Therefore, they tended to not practice intimate hygiene beyond soap and water, which, at times, could have been more harmful due to the dryness.

Maintaining vaginal hygiene

It is very important to maintain vaginal hygiene. The vagina is a regularly moist area and has a non-offensive odor. Wash your vaginal area around with lukewarm water every time after using the restroom and pat the area dry. Avoid using soaps and also avoid scrubbing. Try opting for pH-balanced hygiene washes which you can find in the market. Change your undergarments at least twice a daily. Always ensure to wear loose-fitting cotton undergarments and give the bottom area enough place to breathe. Avoid lace and elastics, especially when the climate is humid and hot.

Taking care of your undergarments

Not wiping your vagina after urination may cause your panties to get wet, which can lead to bad odor and also put you at risk of vaginal infections. It is always advised to wipe your private area using toilet paper or soft cloth, so your underwear remains dry. 

Can vaginal discharge indicate when you’re ovulating?

Although there is an abundance of ovulating kits for women looking to get pregnant, the vagina has its own way of letting you know when you’re approaching the optimal time. Experiencing a clear, rubbery, and stretchy mucus usually means it’s a good time to conceive.

The vaginal fluid or discharge is a consequence and part of a healthy vaginal environment. The usage of products like talcum powder or excessive wiping of the vagina can make it very dry. This may cause itchiness and vaginal dryness. This can also lead to pain during sex and make it prone to injury. Also, according to studies, the perineal use of talcum powder can increase the risk of endometrial cancer. If you feel like something’s not happening according to the norm, feel free to visit the best maternity hospital in Chennai.

Knowing the information shared above and utilizing it into your cleaning and hygiene regimens can make a huge difference in your overall health and wellness. Ensure you follow the basic feminine hygiene tips to ensure good vaginal health.

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