Surprising Advantages of Period Calculator

As a woman, you know your periods can be a nuisance. You can get cramps, stuffy nose, mood swings, and even dizziness when you are nearing your period.

Calculating your period intervals can be a source of stress because that means you have to remember dates and possibly have notes jotted down in various notebooks. This process is lengthy for many and this is where the period calculator app comes in handy.

The period calculator is designed to help track the start and end dates, time of day, and symptoms you experience so that you can better understand your menstrual cycle.

Pre-plan Your Event

Planning for an event or a trip becomes difficult if you are about to get your period. Imagine feeling period pain while completing your trek or attending a party. It will be an embarrassing situation for you so it becomes pretty essential to keep a track of your period.

Many times, women have to lie to their relatives to cancel plans just because they are menstruating. With a period calendar or calculator, you don’t have to do the same anymore. It will keep you prepared for your menstruation cycle. You can quickly see how long you have left without having to worry about getting your period and plan everything accordingly.

Understand Your Overall Health

Sometimes, a woman gets her period late or early and this shows a bad sign for reproductive health. If you don’t track your period, it’s going to make your health worse.

One of the common reasons behind delayed or early periods can be stressful but there are certain worst possible disorders like polycystic ovary syndrome.

Once you start keeping the period records, the doctor can help you in the initial times, or else, a minor delay in the treatment would bring a lot of challenges for you.

Perform Better at Work

Having an idea about your period dates can also help you in performing better at the workplace. It’s said that women are in the more productive luteal phase of their menstrual cycle. This is the best time to get things done.

You will feel complete enjoyment of finishing tasks. As it’s the longest phase, you should make the most of it. Another phase when you will feel like doing most of your work is the follicular phase. During this time, your energy will be super high, hormones are in control with the high level of estrogen secretion.

Plan Your Pregnancy

While your period is going to be happening every month, it’s hard to tell when it’s due and when you should start thinking of babies. The best way to find out is through a period calculator! You can also avoid your pregnancy according to your period calendar.

Manage Your Life

Hormonal changes keep going on throughout the menstrual cycle so make sure to use a period calculator that helps you in taking a record of your period mood swings too. This way, you can manage your life properly including your work and social gatherings.

Summary The key to the period calculator’s success is the charting feature, which allows you to track your period and ovulation. It can also help you to prevent or aid in pregnancy by showing estimated ovulation, menstruation days, and fertile days. Even doctors recommend using it for observing irregularities in your period cycle and measuring reproductive health.

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