5 things you should avoid doing when you are on your periods

It is seen that every woman’s life changes at various stages and her body goes through several changes. It is very important for a woman to set her health goals at her every stage of life just like she sets her work and personal goals. Every month a woman suffers discomfort, draining downing emotionally due to the menstrual cycle. While women are on their periods, they do not wish to do any sort of activities because of their body condition. However, there are certain things, which they shouldn’t be doing not because of the discomfort but the impact of it on the health; it may lead to some serious outcomes. The menstrual cycle days are already painful for many so exerting yourself during this time may cause more damage.

Avoid below mentioned things when you are on your periods, these precautions will ensure you have comfortable and less painful menstruation.

  1. Stop consuming caffeine-

It is observed that caffeine restrict and shrink your blood vessels which leads to an increase in having cramps. Caffeine also becomes the reason for the blockage of GABA in your brain, which results in increased heart rate and anxiety.

  1. Avoid doing waxing and shaving-

A study shows that during your period your estrogen level drops down drastically. Your body gets more sensitive because of the low estrogen levels and isn’t ready for painful processes. Even a small pain or a slight cut becomes unbearable during this time. Shaving and waxing pain gets severe when you are on your periods.

  1. Say no to smoking-

As we know smoking is injurious to our health. However, smoking worsens your pain which you experience during your period. Your digestive system also gets affected by it. Smoking is the reason for disturbing your blood flow. The period days become more painful for the smokers as compared to the non-smokers.

  1. Avoid all dairy products-

You need to cut down on all milk product sources. Avoid unpasteurized cheese. If you are a big fan of Mc flurry and McDonalds’ ice cream, yoghurt then you should completely avoid this during your periods. These ice creams and shakes are made from unpasteurized milk sources, which is also dangerous to take raw milk. These products contain harmful acid known as Arachidonic acid. You may experience cramps in your lower abdomen because of this acid.

  1. Don’t go for unprotected sex-

Having unprotected intercourse when you are on your periods is not a good thing. There is a higher risk of getting the blood-borne disease, viruses, bugs and HIV from your partner. Even there are chances of getting pregnant. It also results in increasing the blood flow and the pain. Avoid having intercourse during this time.

It is important to know all in and outs of your menstrual cycle. Follow these things to lead your life daily life comfortably. You can also get more information regarding this by getting in touch with the leading best gynecologist in Bangalore.

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