What You Must Know About Visiting the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha

In 2019, Qatar received 2.1 million visitors. Most travelers were from Asian and European countries. The inflow of tourists is likely due to Qatar’s world-class architecture, sprawling educational complexes and incredible art and culture. Doha, in particular, has been making headlines for its unique desert landscapes and luxurious shopping malls.

The capital city is also renowned for international cuisines and a community of extraordinary artistic talents. However, if you wish to see a few masterpieces from the Arabic world, you must visit the Museum of Islamic Art. This is an iconic stone structure that houses mind-blowing collectibles from the seventh to nineteenth century. If you’re checking out Delhi to Doha flights, make sure to plan a trip to this architectural gem. Here is a look at what you must know before visiting this amazing tourist attraction.

How to Reach the Museum?

While checking Doha to Delhi flights, look for taxi services that are available outside the Hamad International airport. The museum is 8kms from the airport and takes about 12-15 minutes to reach. It is located on the south of Doha’s Corniche over the Arabian Gulf. The buildings are connected to the shore by vehicular and pedestrian bridges.

Inside the Museum of Islamic Art

This is a treasure trove of woodwork, textiles, ceramics, metalwork, and glasswork crafted in Islamic traditional styles. These are simple in design yet offer detailed insight into the diverse world of Muslim culture and beliefs. They are protected with cases and lighting since many of them are fragile. Every artifact has an interesting story to tell, which gives an idea of their origin.
The essence of Islam is preserved in the most sophisticated way through layouts, structures, and intricate geometric patterns. Renowned architect I.M. Pei designed the buildings by taking inspiration from ancient Islamic architecture.

The building is made of limestone, which captures the mood of sunlight and shade throughout the day. The park adjacent to the building is a great place for social interactions. All year round tourist can enjoy film screenings, art workshops, sport events and exhibitions. While checking out return fares on Doha to Delhi flights, do confirm the timings of the museum so you do not miss out on this visit.

Architecture of Museum of Islamic Art

The museum consists of two buildings – the Main Building and the Educational Wing. These reflect the complexity and vitality of the Islamic attitudes. You can also see plenty of arched windows, an elaborate metal canopy near the entrance, dark-carved grey stone walls, huge galleries, high domed atriums and prayer rooms. The main building houses exhibition spaces, ceremonial entrance and study galleries too. The education wing consists of a library, gift shop, conservation laboratory, bar-cum-restaurant, auditorium and warehouse. A massive glass wall also offers a panoramic view of the beautiful West Bay area of the city.

Taking flights to Doha is absolutely worth it to marvel at the beauty of the museum. It is not only an institution of exhibits, but also a place of in-depth learning. Through appreciation of art and greater understanding of the Muslim culture, it aims to unite people from across the globe.

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