What to eat in Malaysia is a question that bothers most tourists. But not anymore

Malaysian food is heavily underappreciated and does not get the global recognition it really deserves. Malaysian food is the Ambrosia of Southeast Asia. The cuisine of Malaysia is a tantalizing confluence of the recipes of China, India and the surrounding areas. The menu of Malaysia closely resembles the food of Indonesia as both the nations share the same passion for food. If you’re wondering what to eat in Malaysia, the food prepared in Malaysia is out of the world. Tourists can visit all the famous restaurants by booking their bus tickets online and carry a digital copy on their mobile devices.

Tourists in Malaysia are spoilt for choice with the rich ethnic cuisine and will leave you crave for your next Malaysian meal. Bus tickets are available for purchase by tourists to all major restaurants in Malaysia. The food choices of the vacationers can be narrowed down by the following list:

1. Me Goreng Namak

This dish is the product of the Indian Muslim culture and is filled with yellow noodles, shrimp chicken and beef. The occasional chilli is tossed to create an irresistible pleasure. This is a highly aromatic food and very popular in the local Malaysian culture like masala chat and Pani puri in India

2. Apang Balik

You must have seen the steamed dosa of India. Apang Balik is a modified Malaysian version with one new ingredient. The addition of sweet in this dish leads to an amazing experience for your taste buds. It is a pancake mixed with omelette and stuffed with adequate quantities of peanuts, sugar and corn sprinkles. This dish is continuously undergoing innovation and is delighting those people who were wondering what to eat in Malaysia.

3. Nasi Kerabu

The curiosity of the visitors is piqued by the blue rice in this dish. This dish is hugely popular around the country area and this originates from the Kelantan state in Malaysia. The main ingredients are mixed flour, and the unique Telang flowers, which create an aromatic spell. The sprouts of bean and fried coconut are added with a judicious mixture of spices and fermented fish sauce.

4. Ayam Percik

For those who are chicken lovers, this place offers a spicy version similar to the KFC chicken joints. This is a local innovation that is delighting meat lovers. With the right quantity of the amazing Percik sauce, this food will transport you to a heavenly delight and mesmerize food lovers.

5. Nasi Lemak

This innovative dish is an official representation of Malaysia cuisine. The ingredients of Nasi Lemak are coconut milk, cooked rice and a vast assortment of vegetables, peanuts, chicken beef, and lamb. This dish is an excellent substitute for breakfast and can be consumed all throughout the day.

6. Roti John

Don’t be carried away by the name of the dish. This Roti John is prepared by a Muslim trader and is very famous during the festival of Ramadan in Kuala Lumpur. It’s quite apparent that this dish was prepared for a colonial official and his name stuck to the dish. This is a unique sandwich recipe that is filled with minced meat and grilled bread that is to be consumed with a vast array of condiments such as chilli sauce and ketchup.

7. Rendang

This is a dish prepared out of chicken, beef and lamb that is well famous within the food aficionado circles of Malaysia. This dish tastes wonderful in taste when washed with a couple of glasses of red wine. Spices and coconut milk are the main ingredients. Every great dish takes patience and similarly, this dish also takes time to prepare. For the spices to be absorbed, the meat needs to be cooked properly. The rosy liquid is sprinkled and the meat simmers, which indicates that the dish is ready for consumption.

8. Nasi Kandar

For the vacationers out there trying to find some rice item in Malaysia, this dish is the ultimate recipe. Served with fish, egg and okra curry, the rice served toppings satisfy your pangs of hunger. This is best consumed in buffet style and is extremely popular across multiple restaurants in Malaysia.


Malaysian cuisine has multiple variations. Vacationers can increase the thrilling effects of the taste buds by indulging in various food items in Malaysia. Right from crispy snacks to chicken sticks, Malaysia has a unique and exotic food arsenal that tourists can enjoy during their stay.

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