What Should You Know About the Indian Museum in Kolkata?

The Asiatic Society of Bengal founded the earliest and largest multipurpose museum of the Asia-Pacific region in 1814 at the cradle of its building. The museum not only displays valuable artifacts but is a historic development for Indian heritage and culture. If visiting Kolkata, do not miss the opportunity to peek into this piece of history. It takes only 2 hours to pay a visit; therefore, you can fit it into your itinerary either while in Kolkata or right before boarding your Kolkata to Chennai flight to come home.

The museum has received donations from collectors from Europe, Egypt, and India. Today it houses objects of multiple disciplines in six sections – Anthropology, Art, Archaeology, Botany, Geology, and Zoology. Because of the disparate artifacts, locals even call it Jadughar (magical house) or Ajabghar (the place of strange things).

When to Go There

Here are a few things to know to plan a successful visit to the Indian Museum in Kolkata.

  • Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Tickets for kids cost INR 20, for adults – INR 50, and foreign visitors- INR 500.
  • The museum remains closed on Mondays.
  • You can book tickets online from the museum website directly along with booking your Chennai to Kolkata flight.
  • Food, luggage, differently-abled facilities, and guide services are available at additional cost.
  • A small additional fee is required if you want to carry a camera.
  • Kindly note that any publications on digital, print or any other media shall be approved by the museum authorities or are liable to offence charges.

What to See There

Here’s a look at what you can experience at the Indian Museum of Kolkata.

The Library

The museum library has over 50,000 rare publications, books, and journals in English, Bengali, and many other languages.

The Mummy

Rarely found outside of Egypt, the mummy in the museum is known as the Royal guest. These days its preservation is a matter of concern for the authorities.

Buddha’s Ashes

Found while an excavation by a British archaeologist in 1898, urns containing Buddha’s ashes and bone fragments were donated to the museum and are preserved profoundly.

Ice Age Remnants

The mammoth, saber tooth, giant creatures, remains from dinosaur eggs, and a collection of other creatures’ remains that have been extinct for a long time are on display in the dedicated gallery. Be it kids or Jurassic Park fans, everyone is sure to love this section of the museum.

Music Instruments

The museum preserves a collection of exceptional instruments donated by Raja Sourindro Mohan Tagore, the most appreciated one being a peacock resonator. These are only a few things from several galleries such as Gandhara, Bharhut, Bird, Decorative Art, Insect, Bronze, and the world’s largest Indian coins collection. The museum also has a digital gallery called Jatan to record all its possessions and track their history for coming generations. It is very different to see or read than to visit and experience this museum. The museum canteen serves delicious food to its guests. Remember to book your tickets for a unique experience along with your Chennai to Kolkata flight tickets.

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