Relaxing Short Getaways from Kuala Lumpur

After a hectic week of full work, vacationers and office goers need some time off for themselves. The stress of modern living can be effectively eliminated by taking soul-inspiring trips to the rural landscapes surrounding Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Weather permitting there are many places where you can enjoy the pastoral landscapes of some of the best regions in Malaysia. If you do not have a car, you can book your bus tickets online and make sure that you reach your destination without the usual stress of driving and caring for the maintenance of the car

If you are craving for a well-deserved weekend getaway to escape the urban jungle around you then we suggest selecting a spot that is close to nature and offers you a nourishing experience that can rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Let’s glance through a list of the most beautiful and amazing places that are the top choices for a perfect getaway from Kuala Lumpur.

1. Taiyar Eisha camp getaway, Penang

The ambiance is set in the dazzling rainforest. Just situated under a 45-minute drive away from Kuala Lumpur, this place is the star jewel of different camping areas. The tribes living in the rainforest come in their full traditional attire and entertain the guests. Tourists and global vacationers fall in love with this place after seeing the marvelous natural backdrops that radiate peace and harmony with the animals living in the rainforest.

If you are a hard worker and have enough money to rent a luxurious condo for you and your loved ones then this is the perfect weekend getaway from Kuala Lumpur. Trekking through natural formations gives anyone, a new perspective away from the modern hustle and bustle. Re-live your old passions for adventure and thrill-seeking by visiting this amazing place. This place has the perfect mix of serene landscape and complete harmony with nature.

2. Gopiyon Glamping park

Nature is a great healer for every traveler. The rustic villages around Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia offer a blissful living experience to those who are seeking a gateway towards paradise. Kemping village is located within a 2-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. Nature endears you in all its astonishing beauty and beckons the weekend visitors to partake in its divine ambiance. Visitors all over Malaysia come here to take part in a tribal life with simplicity and elegance. The cuisine here is exquisite with the local villagers preparing exotic dishes. If you and your loved ones are desperately seeking a weekend getaway from Kuala Lumpur, then this is the right place to visit. Nurture your senses in the happy lap of Mother Nature.

3. Country retreat, Nipang

This resort and spa are known for their heavenly ways of relaxing the tired body. The visitors get transported into an exciting and fun-filled natural outback with impressive wetlands and gorgeous lakes. The fruit farms offer the visitors some of the delicious offerings from rural Kuala Lumpur. The top-rated hospitality is only matched by the excellent environment, free of pollution, and offering a revitalizing whiff of fresh air. The astounding luxury villas are the perfect option to make this country retreat to be one of your favorite weekend getaways from Kuala Lumpur.

4. Pangkaur Lot Island

This is a private island at its most luxurious best. Imagine treating your loved ones to an ecstatic experience of vacationing on a private island. It is indeed a special privilege when you get a chance to vacation here. You will be getting a similar experience of vacationing in Notting hill, London. Many great minds of history have described wonderfully regarding this place. Widely acclaimed as the paradise of Southeast Asia, the virgin rainforest gives heavenly bliss to the visitors. The amazing wildlife in this place encourages a lot of tourists to come here and see the free and roaming wild hornbills.

5. Langkawi

It is indeed a divine inspiration for those who wish to visit the heavenly beaches of this place. These beach island resorts have got terrific reviews on some of the world’s best travel websites. Connected through international airports, this chill island is a must-go if you visit Kuala Lumpur. The scenic backgrounds come straight out of a Hollywood movie and generate good feelings. This should be the ideal choice for vacationing with families due to the peaceful nature of those who come here. There are a lot of luxurious resorts to massage the opulent needs of wealthy travelers.


Corporate companies performing excellently and this is due to the hard-working management professionals. If your company is seeking a marvelous corporate retreat, then the perfect weekend getaway from Kuala Lumpur is the best economical and amazing way to increase the feelings of wellbeing and enhance the inspiration of the team members of the company. Companies can book online bus tickets which will lead to an amazing collective experience, that is bound to increase the camaraderie of the team members.

Terdapat banyak cara untuk seseorang menjelajah Malaysia. Anda boleh merancang keseluruhan perjalanan dengan mengambil peluang untuk menaiki setiap bentuk pengangkutan sekurang-kurangnya sekali. Apa yang anda perlu lakukan hanyalah membuat tempahan awal tiket bas online berserta tiket pengangkutan awam lain.

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