Places to visit in Jodhpur- Where to go sightseeing

A vacation is probably one of the most necessary requirements of one’s life. Going on a vacation helps people free themselves from the hectic daily schedule of their city lives. People can just be who they want and do what they want without any such ‘routine-rules.’ However, planning a trip is no less hectic. Finding the right places and the right resorts can be a challenging task.

Nevertheless, if you were planning a trip and want to go to a place popular for its culture and scenic beauty in India, there is no place that would satisfy you more than Jodhpur. Jodhpur’s surprising beauty has impressed its visitors for centuries.

Jodhpur, the second-largest city in Rajasthan, has gotten the name of the ‘sun city’ since this is the first place where the sun is visible every morning in India. However, the city got its real name from Rao Jodha, who founded the city in 1459. Jodhpur is further divided into old and new Jodhpur based on when they got developed. With the historical development out of the way, Jodhpur has mainly gained visitors for the mesmerizing palaces and forts it has. It is the ultimate getaway for someone who likes to experience beautiful architecture with rich culture. Not only that, but resorts in Jodhpur are also known for their amazing architecture and service. The decorations and ambience make it feel like you have gone back in time but with all the amenities. This article further provides a few of the places to visit in Jodhpurthat you should visit if you are in Jodhpur, at least once.

Some places you should visit in Jodhpur

  • Mehrangarh Fort: This fort is one of the tops in the list of places to visit in Jodhpur. It is still one of the largest forts to be made in India and stands 400 ft above the rest of the city. This is also the oldest fort as Rao Jodha constructed this fort in the year 1459. Even though the construction had started with Rao Jodha’s orders, the construction was not completed for the next couple of centuries. The simple magnificence of the architecture alone is something you should not miss. The place is so poetic, movies like ‘Dark Knight Rises’ were also shot here. Once there, you can visit the Padmasar and Ranisar lakes and later check the fort’s museum to know more about it. There are also options of ziplining is you want to add some adventure to your plan.

  • Umaid Bhawan Palace: Started in the year 1929 but finished in 1943, this palace is another sight you cannot afford to miss in the city of Jodhpur. With 347 rooms and huge spaces, this fort is built on the highest point in Jodhpur and is one of the largest private residences in the world. People visiting only boast a beautiful mixture of European and Indian Architectural style. While one part s separated for the royal families to still live in, two other parts serve as a museum and a hotel. Although this resorts in Jodhpuris allowed for the guests, the resident is off-limits. You should definitely come here at least once if you are in the ‘sun city.’

These are the two places to visit in Jodhpurthat you shouldabsolutely not miss if you are going to Jodhpur. Try are plan your trip and stay in resorts in Jodhpuraccordingly.With these places added to your itinerary, you are sure to see a different side of Jodhpur. As a city, Jodhpur is very welcoming and warm, and a trip here is surely something one should make at least once in the lifetime!

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