The Thar Desert is made a little less stark thanks to this Rajasthan city. From its iconic blue-hued edifices to amazing people and local cuisine, Club Mahindra resorts in Jodhpur have always had this city on their list of top recommendations to tourists and locals alike. 

The best time to visit Jodhpur is from October to March, which starts off at its peak and shifts into a pleasant winter. The weather is much more pleasant during these months than at any other time during the year.

There are several memorable things to do in Jodhpur, some of which we have covered below. These handpicked selections are a small dip into the manifold splendours of Jodhpur Tourism.

1. Mehrangarh Fort

Hands down, one of the best things to do in Jodhpur is paying this heritage location a visit.

  • Historically as well as culturally significant, the fort traces its origins to 1459 and remains one of the most visited locales in the city
  • Enjoying a dominating view from atop a hill rising 410 feet from ground level, there is much to appreciate here in addition to breathtaking views
  • The fort has enjoyed appearances in several movies; Bollywood, Hollywood
  • Each of the seven gates that grant access into the fort proper is worth special attention because each has its own history
  • From artillery attacks to animal-based assaults, the fort’s ‘war memories’ are literally recorded on some of its walls
  • Bonafide palaces can be found herein: Phool Mahal (Rose Palace) and Sheesh Mahal (Glass Palace)
  • Jodhpur Tourism highlights within the fort include galleries (6 distinct buildings), museums, courtyards, intricate wall carvings.

2. Mandore Garden

From royal cenotaphs to brilliant architecture, there’s more to this garden than meets the eye.

  • Historical value runs deep in this Jodhouri jewel. The legendary Pratihara dynasty once ruled from here
  • Inside, you will find the temple of Three Hundred Million Gods and the Hall of Heroes (containing brilliant stone carvings), both of which transport you to a time when a great effort was invested in remembering one’s cultural and religious roots for posterity
  • Ancient relics and artefacts lay spread out within the Government Museum, which stands well within the garden’s premises
  • The ‘dewals’ or cenotaphs are the highlights of Mandore Garden. Check out the most famous among them, namely the one dedicated to Maharaja Ajit Singh.

3. Kaylana Lake

Intimidating in size and poetic to look upon, appreciating Kaylana Lake is certainly one of the most memorable things to do in Jodhpur.

  • Resorts in Jodhpur, like Club Mahindra, almost always point tourists to the lake
  • The artificial lake covers 84 sq. km. and remains a major source of drinking water in the region
  • It remains one of the most recommended hotspots for landscape and sunset photography
  • From rock formations to Babul trees, the lake is practically a bookmark in Nature’s beauty diary
  • Bird watching is a ‘thing’ hereabouts, especially during Siberian Crane season
  • Popular tourist activities at the lake include picnicking and boating
  • Not too far from the lake locale are other famous Jodhpuri tourist attractions, namely a plethora of temples dedicated to Lord Shiva

Then there’s the Machiya Fort and Machia Biological Park to visit as well.

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