How To Choose A Good Resort In India For A Family Vacation

India is a vast country with many touristic destinations. Good resorts in Karnataka, resorts in Goa, Himachal, Rajasthan are all for the taking to travel incredible India. It is believed that even a lifetime of traveling won’t be enough to cover the length and breadth of the country and visit all of its tourist places of interest. When it comes to a family vacation, travelers are inundated with a plenitude of choices. Choosing the right resort could get overwhelming. Here is a checklist of items to consider when choosing a resort for a family vacation in India.


 A family vacation can consist of not only husband, wife and kids, but also elderly parents, relatives, uncles and aunts. So in such cases, you should look for resorts in India that have a railway station or airport in the vicinity because it may be tiresome for elderly parents to travel by road to a far off destination. Instead, they can catch a flight and arrive at the destination. After the vacation, go back by a return flight. Even a train journey is less exhausting than traveling by road.

Family-friendly and kid-safe

The resort staff should be well-trained. There are cases wherein certain resorts in India staff are not cut for their job. The resort should be a certified one. Read the reviews of the resort. Check whether the resort is kid and family-friendly. Ask the resort staff as to how they handle emergency situations. Check the type of food the resort serves and its food preparation process. It helps for a resort to provide restaurant service in-house. Good resorts in Sikkim or resorts in Himachal Pradesh or Nainital and such places of paradisiacal comforts should provide 360 degrees safety and services.

Modern amenities

Go through the amenities list of the resort and see if you can spot all the required amenities. Goodresorts in Karnataka, resorts in Goa, or Kerala should have a good amenity list considering these are places of historical interest. A good resort has a good mix of indoor and outdoor facilities. It includes a sports room, games room, health club, spa, shopping mall, restaurant, swimming pool, outdoor sports arena, party area, and so on. When on a family vacation, you could have an itinerary to enjoy your time with your family. Let your itinerary not fall short because the resort didn’t have the required facilities.


Does the resort organize outdoor expeditions? Do they have travel plans and planners? Do they provide shuttle service to and from the railway station/airport? Do they organize kids’ tournaments and gala activities? Do they have special events for families or special events? If none of these are available, then reconsider traveling to this resort, especially when you are visiting a place of history or a jungle or a place of exquisite flora and fauna. Generally, goodresorts in Sikkim or resorts in Himachal Pradesh and such picturesque places provide tourists with all the facilities to have a good time sightseeing and traveling the nearby regions. They also provide a range of outdoor and indoor activities to keep their guests engaged and happy.

Conclusion Lastly, a resort should be budget-friendly. There are very few resort companies that allow visitors to enjoy a good vacation without worrying about the bill. Choose a resort that charges moderately and ethically.

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