How Successful Professionals Travel

So, you are doing well at work, climbing the corporate ladder? But does your professional success reflect in your everyday life? Did you know that the way you choose to travel also says a lot about you as a successful professional? Worried that the next thing is that you’ll need to buy first class tickets that are way beyond your budget to prove your success?

Don’t worry. Even if you aren’t a frequent flier with loads of miles to redeem, you can travel in luxury with the facility to upgrade to business class at the most affordable rates. Here’s a look at some more things you should do, especially while travelling, to build your personal brand as a successful professional.

1.  Book your flight through the airline

Did you know that aggregator sites keep upping the air fare each time you search for the same travel route? Your best option is to visit an airline’s own website or use its mobile app to buy tickets. This way, you not only stay updated with all the best deals and offers, you can even joint their reward program and earn multiple benefits.

2.  Dress to Impress

Wearing flip-flops and cargo shorts might work for celebrities but you aren’t getting any free upgrades wearing those. Dress the way you want to be addressed – this is the key to dressing right. When you look the part, you are treated the right way.

3.  Fly Solo

Be your own wingman and fly solo if you want to score on that business class seat. There are chances that more than a few seats will be available for you to upgrade easily to business class. However, if you are traveling with family or friends, getting multiple seats upgraded might be difficult.

4.  Be Early

“If you can’t be on time, be early.” It might actually work to your advantage here. If you are a regular customer for an airline, you might actually be able to get one of those last few seats left in business class. On the other hand, you might just be able to spend some quality time at the airport lounge, which is always a great experience. For instance, Vistara offers a lounge access pass, which you can buy at a reasonable price from their website and then use for some pampering at the airport, prior to your flight.

So, the next time you travel, make sure you travel not just like a pro but a successful pro, whom people take notice of and treat with respect.

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