Go on a Club Mahindra Vacation You Will Remember for a Lifetime!

Planning a family holiday or a romantic honeymoon, then pick up a Club Mahindra membership that offer the best in time share. Mahindra Hospitality is one of the biggest travel and tour company in India. In the time share scheme, you get to holiday in any of the over 100 resorts in India and abroad. Members are offered vacations in any of their resorts for seven days a year.

Go to places you have only dreamed. These places are hand-picked so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of researching and deciding for a place to take your family for a “nice” place. These resorts are packed with amenities that make your stay ultra-comfortable and their service is impeccable. Club Mahindra makes every effort to occupy the kids with entertainment and activities where kids can participate.

What is a “time share” scheme?

Timeshare is a scheme where you become part owner of a residential unit in a resort, condominium or homes. You are one of several owners who have vacationing rights for a certain number of days. As a member, you can holiday in any of the company’s properties in India and in some cases, abroad. Generally, the vacation period is for one week where you have exclusive use of the property. The only drawback is that once you are the part-owner of the property, you cannot sell it. The only way you can off load it by selling it or returning it back to the owner. In the latter case, you may have to pay penalties.

What are the Different Types of Time-Share

Basically, there are three types of Timeshare that are on offer. They include:

  • Fixed Week: You get exclusive use of the property for a specific period of time every year. The buyer can schedule the annual vacation at the same time every year.
  • Flexible Week : the owner gets exclusive use of the property for a fixed period for a fixed week or anytime during the year. This is also known as a floating week. Booking in advance is recommended to ensure availability.
  • Points System: this system uses points to represent timeshare ownership. It is based on the location of the resort, the size of the holiday property and the time of availability.

Benefits of Club Mahindra Holidays Time-Share

  • The main benefit of time share is that you can visit any place where the company has a resort, condominium, apartments or holiday home.
  • Your property is professionally managed. No need to hire workers to maintain your property.
  • You can take your vacation at a fixed time for a fixed number of days. This saves you the headaches of planning the holiday.
  • Value of your property appreciates.

Members Have an Option to Holiday Abroad

Members can now make their dreams of vacationing abroad. Club Mahindra has tied up with Resort Condominiums International (RCI) who also provide time share vacations. Club Mahindra members can exchange their holidays with over 4000 resorts around the world.

Can Non-members Stay at Club Mahindra Resorts

 Non-members can make a booking at these resorts subject to availability of rooms. The resort allots ten percent of its rooms (super deluxe) to non-members. However, non-members are not allowed to stay in Club Mahindra’s premium resorts.


Club Mahindra membership opens a whole new world of exciting holidays anywhere in the world. Club Mahindra holidays offers luxury vacations in India and around the world. The time share scheme has worked well for thousands of individuals, families and even corporates. The growing clientele is witness to the success of this unique scheme. Club Mahindra membership reviews have given it a very high rating.

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