Explore the Coastal World with Unique Maharashtra Tourism

The beautiful Konkan Coast on the western part of India runs from Damaon in the Gulf of Cambay down to the very south, stopping at Maharashtra and Goa to provide us all with the perfect beach vacations during our Maharashtra tourism trips.

There are so many places to visit in Maharashtra that one could almost forget its perfect beaches. Still, here we provide you with a perfect list of reasons why Maharashtra tourismis incomplete without seeing the Konkan coast.

How to Reach Maharashtra

Maharashtra tourism is simplified by the fact that it is so accessible. Not only is it nearly surrounded by states (apart from the Konkan coast, naturally) due to Nagpur being so centrally located and Mumbai being so famous, road and rail transport is extremely well-developed.

No one worries about how to reach Maharashtra, and the airports are also extremely well-connected.

The best time to visit Maharashtra is during the winter when it is mild and pleasant. Still, some activities and places can be inaccessible during this period.

Things to Do in Maharashtra

You will never run out of things to do in Maharashtra, home to beautiful beaches, one of India’s party states, and India’s best-known wine hub:

  • Some people will suggest that the best time to visit Maharashtra is in February, to take advantage of Nashik’s famous Sulafest, combining wine and music in a fantastic international package
  • A little earlier, in January, a more traditional music festival is held by  the Indian Heritage Society and the MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation): the Banganga Festival
  • Maharashtra also contains a biodiversity hotspot, and many people visit to take in the scenic views and nature in the state

Places to Visit in Maharashtra

Some options for tourism, both popular as well as offbeatz

1. Kundalika River Rafting

A beautiful winding river that comes from Bhira and goes to the Arabian sea, Kundalika river is perfect for adventure sports, with the specialty being river rafting. It’s a reasonably tame river, but nevertheless, you should never enter it without expert guidance.

2. Ajanta and Ellora Cave

Ajanta and Ellora caves need no introduction, and as long as they are still open, all visitors to Maharashtra must step into them and marvel at the intricate beauty.

3. Chikhaldhara

There are multiple options for things to do near this beautiful and offbeat town in Maharashtra, it’s barely known as a spot in Maharashtra’s tourism destinations, but is still well-beloved by those who know of it. Amongst others, spots to visit include the Bhimkund waterfall and Melghat Tiger Reserve

Food Tourism in Maharashtra

Are you enjoying the thought of Maharashtra tourism but not sure about whether you’ll find suitable restaurants in Maharashtra? Look no further, food tourism in Maharashtra is nothing to sneeze at!

Maharashtrian cuisine can broadly be divided into Konkani food and Varadi food.

Konkani food: with influences from Goan cuisine, and Karnataka as well, there are numerous vegetarian and other dishes to try here. Restaurants in Maharashtra will popularly offer Patholi, Bombay duck, sol kadhi, clams gravy, and many other delicious options.

Varadi food: This is the cuisine of the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, which is also found in many resorts in Maharashtra but is somewhat less known. In this cuisine, seafood is less common, and chicken and mutton dishes such as Mutton Saoji are the delicacies.

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