Every Tourist Who Stays at Clarks Safari Pushkar Has Only Good Words To Share. Here’s Why.

Clarks Safari Pushkar is one of the premier resorts in Pushkar. Since it was established in 1998, it has maintained its identity as one of the foremost luxury places to stay at Pushkar. Originally, the Kochhar family used this property for their wilderness adventures. However, as it turned into a luxury resort, famous celebrities such as Kate Winslet and Harrison Ford stayed here. It started its journey with a swimming pool and ten cottages. Gradually, Clarks Safari Pushkar grew in number, and slowly, there were forty cottages. These cottages were spread out into small clusters that dotted the landscape. The vivid green landscape and the surrounding fruit orchards made the property radically different from the other lakeside properties of Pushkar. If you are planning a trip to Pushkar, staying at Clarks Safari Pushkar is a must. Despite being close to the daily hustle, it gives you much-needed seclusion. You can enjoy all the modern facilities while being close to nature. A perfect gate away from the humdrum of daily life!

Before we tell you why you must visit Pushkar, a basic primer is in order. How to reach Pushkar? Ajmer, which is 17 km away from Pushkar and is well-connected to the latter, is a major railway point. If you are travelling by train, Ajmer is the closest point. The national highways link Pushkar to the rest of Rajasthan and India. You can make the trip by cabs, cars or buses. Pushkar lacks an airport. The closest airport is Sanganer which is well-connected to the major Indian cities. You can hire shared cabs, transport buses or taxis and reach Pushkar.

The holy town of Pushkar is alive and buzzing with festivities throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Pushkar falls between November and March. Pleasant weather makes the desert travel friendly.

There are as many things to do in Pushkar as there are places to visit in Pushkar. We have noted a few of them here to make your trip memorable.

Pushkar Lake

A major tourist attraction, Pushkar Lake or Pushkar Sarovar is the sacred town’s centrepiece. You can find it mentioned in history as early as in 4th century B.C. Rituals and offerings take place throughout the day, with huge Aarti celebrations occurring at night. Though a holy site, it offers peace and serenity to all those who visit.

Savitri Temple

This temple overlooks the whole Pushkar town and the valleys that surround it. Only a fifteen-minute walk from the Pushkar lake, it is quite accessible and enjoyable.

Pap Mochani Temple

This lake offers a panoramic view of Pushkar town and the lake. Even if you are a casual tourist, visit this place for the scenic beauty.

Bramha and Varaha Temples

If you are a holy person or just a regular person who loves tepoles and architecture, Pushkar is the perfect place. The Bramha temple is more than 2000 years old and one of the few temples dedicated to the creator god. Built in the 12th century, the Varaha temple was rebuilt by Raja Sawai Man Singh II in the 18th century after Aurangzeb destroyed it. Many consider it to be the most ancient temple in Pushkar.

Pushkar Camel Fair

A major tourist attraction, the camel fair starts on 23 October. It’s one of a kind and thus, draws a huge crowd every year. People engage in buying and selling livestock. Thus, it has turned into a huge local celebration as well. Many unique competitions such as ‘longest moustache’ and ‘bridal competition’ are held. You can buy beautiful and handmade jewellery, textiles and handicrafts. You can also revel and enjoy the tunes of local music and dance with the locals. All in all, you can have a jolly well time in the land of the kings!

Street Food

You can try delicious foods in the streets of the local markets. From paneer paratha to smoothies in the local cafes and restaurants, there’s something for all kinds of eaters! To visit Pushkar is to visit incredible Rajasthan. It is only made better by the hospitality and warmth of the staff at Clarks Safari Pushkar.

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