Essential Guidelines for Domestic Travellers

India had encountered a strict and complete lockdown beginning from March 24th, also something which its citizens faced for the first time. Post two months of stringent travel restrictions and flattening the traveler’s curve helped to prevent the spread of the virus in India to a good extent.  The Government had again thought of resuming the airlines in India. Ever since May 25th, the domestic airlines have resumed operations but accompanied by stringent Government-issued guidelines.

With the ease in lockdown, several domestic airline guidelines have come into effect, which needs to be understood for a safe and virus-free journey.

The Domestic Travel Guidelines in India

Arriving at the Airport from Your Point of Origin

Let’s look at all the factors that you must bear in mind when traveling from your office/hotel/home to the airport.

  • Consider having the identification and baggage numbers downloaded on your mobile phones. And print some followed by attaching it to your baggage.
  • Bear in mind that presently you can take only one check-in baggage and one handbag with you. However, you are likely to enjoy more liberties on this in the coming future.
  • You must be in protective gear, such as gloves, goggles, and masks before entering the airport. Avoid opening your masks even for a minute during your journey in the domestic airlines in India.
  • Reach two hours early at the airport before the scheduled departure of the aircraft. Due to the present scenario and implemented guidelines, the boarding and the check-in can take longer than usual.
  • Individuals who hail from red-zone areas or containment zones and the ones who have tested positive for Covid-19 are restricted from boarding the airlines in India.

Guidelines Issued on Reaching the Terminal Building

  • Step down from the vehicle while keeping your protective gear on and make sure that you have all the essential documents handy or on your phones.
  • Head towards the thermal screening area near the entry point and go through the temperature checking instruments. You would also have to display your health status through the installed AarogyaSetu App on your phones.
  • Move to the CISF kiosk and provide them with your ID followed by the boarding pass to be able to let into the terminal premises.
  • Post baggage check-in process, you would get an SMS confirmation on the receipt of your baggage.

Guidelines on Moving through the Airport Security

Each of the airports would mandatorily include security-screening options before boarding your domestic airlines in India. You would have to adhere to the directives properly. This isn’t a thing of worry, as the respective security personnel would stick to a no-contact procedure even when executing a physical examination on the passengers.

Guidelines for Security Screening Region

  • Post the completion of security screening, you can move towards the holding area. Abide by the mentioned guidelines, when you arrive at the place.
  • Strict upkeep of physical distancing with other travelers who are waiting for their domestic airlines.
  • Keep away from using chairs that are labeled as ‘not for use for the correct maintenance of distance from others.
  • If you want to pay a visit to the F&B outlets, you have to take up the best sanitization methods and maintain physical distancing norms/
  • Discard all the used masks, gloves, napkins, and tissues only inside the yellow trash cans installed at the airports.

These guidelines issued and implemented by the Government are easy to follow and guarantee safe travel. By following these guidelines, you can be assured of a stress-free journey in the best airlines in India.

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