Do you have a Club Mahindra membership? It is time to buy one

Life is a series of moments. Research suggests that the best moments are made during travel on a Club Mahindra membership. That’s why it is important to travel. So many Indians are realizing this fact. Rather – woken up to this fact. Thankfully, they had a quality service such as Club Mahindra to fulfill their travel needs. Not only did they travel, they enjoyed their lives during these travels. The best part is that it’s not over yet. Considering that Club Mahindra offers holidays for 25 years, that’s a lifetime of travel. So shortly after a trip to an exotic location, another is around the corner. How much motivating can this get?!

Why choose Club Mahindra membership?

Plenitude of travel options

All you need is a Club Mahindra membership. You can travel to any location in India and in the world. There will be a Club Mahindra resort. At least a partner hotel or RCI affiliated hotel. All of them welcome Club Mahindra members with open arms. You, as a member, will be treated as a royal guest. So, how many resort options do you actually have? Club Mahindra has more than 100 resorts in India and abroad. Top that with 4300 and more RCI affiliated properties, leisure centers, and resorts. Add another 170 and more partner hotels. What do you get? Almost the whole world is waiting for you to visit them! That’s why Club Mahindra resort reviews come in from all parts of the world.

Membership plans suited for you

Club Mahindra membership reviews suggest that the various types of membership plans by Club Mahindra are a huge plus. Purple season membership is if you want to holiday during public holidays such as Diwali or New Year’s Eve. Red Season Membership is for those who prefer holidaying during school vacations or summer vacations. White Season Membership is for those who want to holiday before or after the peak season. Blue Season Membership is for those who want to holiday during the off season.

Curated holidays

Irrespective of the Club Mahindra membership type chosen, members have the option of customizing their holiday plans.  They can request Club Mahindra to help organize events, parties, adventure excursions, and sporting encounters. More facilities can be booked during travel. Different types of cuisines apart from the standard ones offered can be booked. All that is required is a call to the Club Mahindra helpdesk. The service will be more than happy to assist you in creating a curated holiday.


As per Club Mahindra reviews, Club Mahindra is fully aware that when families travel, they want to ensure that the travel is safe for their children. Safety spans multiple aspects of travel, including safe indoors and outdoors, safe food, safe surroundings, safe locations etc. Club Mahindra holidays resorts have enough play areas and playschools. Safety instructors and children’s specialist/doctors are available on call. Curated activities and events for children can be organized. Customer service is pleasant and cooperative.


This is the right time to get a Club Mahindra membership plan. Do it right away and start planning for your trip. Get set to travel on Club Mahindra membership and realize how beautiful the world is.

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