Coorg Tourism – Unforgettable Things to Do & Beautiful Places to Visit In and Around Coorg Hills

The Western Ghats are a range of mountains renowned for their beauty and biodiversity. It comes as no surprise to learn that Coorg Tourism has been top on tourists’ lists for decades. From spice plantations and soothing waterfalls to natural landscapes galore, there are indeed plenty of things to do in Coorg (aka Kodagu) that can open one’s eyes to the beauty of Nature.

If you are travelling from outside, be sure to get a guidebook. It helps with figuring out how to reach Coorg using the quickest and safest available routes. That said, the best time to visit Coorg is between October and March, which are considered ideal for adventure activities, including trekking.

While there are plenty of noteworthy places to visit in Coorg, below we provide a handful of locations to explore and admire that have been touted as the cream of the Coorg Tourism crop. 

1. Talakaveri

Located in the stunning Brahmagiri Hills, and enjoying status as the very source of River Kaveri, a visit here is one the unique cultural things to do in Coorg.

  • The Kodavas are credited with constructing a tank, or Kundike, which houses the spring-fed waters, which re-emerges way down to generate the Kaveri River
  • The place is dedicated to the ancient Goddess Kaveriamma
  • The river’s fountainhead gushes especially strongly on Cauvery Changrandi Day, which attracts pilgrims and tourists in their thousands
  • Around 400 stairs lead up to a ridge from where you can enjoy splendid panoramas of the Coorg Hills.

2. Nagarhole National Park

Coorg resorts like Club Mahindra have been recommending this outstanding park to tourists for years now.

  • It is conveniently situated near yet another conservation marvel, namely Bandipur National Park
  • Aside from gorgeous natural landscapes, the wealth of flora and fauna inside the park is nothing short of awe-inspiring
  • Birds: in excess of 250 species.
  • Animals: sloth bears, elephants, civets, hyenas, gaurs, sambar deer, panthers, spotted deer, mongoose, leopards, and tigers (to name some of the prominent species residing herein)
  • Reptiles and amphibians: kraits, Indian rock pythons, monitor lizards, toads, Russel’s vipers, vine snakes, tortoises, and king cobras
  • Notable trees: silver oak, sandalwood, teak, rosewood
  • Head north within the park to admire the Kabini River flowing through
  • The dam on the river is truly a sight
  • Tropical and deciduous forests balance out a set of man-made plantations that collectively thrive within the park.

3. Brahmagiri Trek

This recommendation comes under the category of ‘things to do in Coorg’, and is nonetheless a potent addition to Coorg Tourism.

  • The trek unravels within the reputed Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary
  • From rivers and streams to grasslands and forests, you are sure to sightsee these and more during your trek
  • Important pit-stop: Thirunnelai Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu
  • Historical attraction: Pakshipathalam, a cave known for its sheltering of Rishis in olden days
  • Natural wonder: Iruppu Falls, in all its glory

4. Kutta

This little Karnataka town is recommended purely for its access to several other tourist attractions in and around its zone.

  • The popular ‘gateway town’ directly links several prominent hotspots. For instance, Nagarhole National Park, Iruppu Falls
  • The township is quaint in its beauty and has spread its branches into modernity
  • Plenty of interesting shopping and exploration options are available to you in the town proper.

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