Checklist of Things to Do in Bangalore on a Weekend Getaway

Bangalore is a city full of life that connects a lot with the modern hip-and-happening generation. Besides partying till midnight after sundown, shopping to the heart’s content, and dining with friends, there is much more waiting for you. You can explore nature in new ways here.

If you live in a different city, say, Mumbai, simply catch a Mumbai to Bangalore flight for a refreshing weekend getaway. Here are some ways to make the short break memorable in Bangalore.

Camp at Nandi Hills

Love hills? Then ensure to add this activity to your checklist right after you book an air ticket from Mumbai to Bangalore. Here, you can have thrilling treks, all-night bonfires, and exciting zip-lining to keep yourself entertained.

You can even play snooker, volleyball, foosball, and football at the camping site. Alongside, you can enjoy the misty blue view of the Nandi Hills and explore the endless green expanses on foot.

Timings: 4 pm to 11 am

Set Out for Skandagiri Trek

In the picturesque outskirts of Bangalore, you can find Skandagiri lying 1,450 m above sea level. From this elevation, you can catch a breathtaking view of the surroundings and also take part in historical tours and some fun trekking.

On the way, you can find the Tipu Sultan Fort. While trekking overnight, you can cross almost 8 km of beautiful stretches, valleys, rivers, peaks of the Western Ghats, and more. It’s a must to try this trek once your Mumbai to Bangalore flight ends.

Timings: 11:00 pm to 12 pm (on the next day)

Have Fun at Wonderla

If you crave adventure and thrill, this place is a must-visit. You can explore Wonderla with your family and friends since it has over 60 water and land rides for kids and adults.

You can try exciting rides like Kiddies Wheel, Merry Ghost, Insanity, Recoil, Lazy River, Drop Loop, Wavy and Vertical Fall, Hang Glider, and Wave Rider. Next, you can head straight to the musical fountain, enjoy the 3D cinema and watch laser shows when it’s evening. Make Wonderla another addition to your checklist after booking air tickets from Mumbai to Bangalore.

Timings: Water rides (12.30 pm – 5 pm on weekdays, 12 pm – 6 pm on weekends/holidays), land rides (11 am – 6 pm on weekdays, 11 am – 7 pm on holidays/weekends)

Go for Wildlife Safari at Bannerghatta National Park

This national park is among the top places in Bangalore to have a blissful weekend getaway amid the raw wilderness. It houses various animals in its safari zones, rescue centre, and zoo.

You can visit this place with kids as well. Here, you can find jackals, sloths, chitals, leopards, porcupines, mouse deer, barking deer, and many other animals. Also, you can come across birds and reptiles like minivets, orioles, sunbirds, ibis, pythons, kraits, vipers, and more. You can also see a butterfly park and an elephant sanctuary.

Timings: 11 am – 7 pm (weekends), 11 am – 6 pm (weekdays)

Click lots of pictures of the above places as memories to take back home after you return on your flight from Bangalore to Mumbai.

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