7 Things You Must Do In Changi Airport

Changi Airport in Singapore is a traveller’s delight.

It is a hub of entertainment that one cannot miss at any cost. All you need is some extra time in hand, and you are taken care of for the day.

The 7 Things That You Can Do At Changi Airport

1. The Changi Airport Social Tree

This is about the best thing to do at the airport. Whichever photo you click can be uploaded on the touch-screen photo booth. You can then see yourself and your family on a gigantic screen that rotates 360 degrees and is 9m tall with a diameter of 11m. The photos uploaded on the Social Tree can then be uploaded to social media. It is situated in Terminal 1 of the airport.

2. The Beautiful Gardens

The airport is complete with an assortment of various gardens that breathe in spells of fresh air and rejuvenates tired souls. Be close to nature in their various gardens like the butterfly, fern, cactus, or orchid gardens. There are many more varieties of gardens that you can visit. There is a beautiful pond full of koi fish which will just take your breath away. These gardens take you closer to nature in the heart of civilization and humanmade concrete structures.

3. Catch Up With Lost Time

You must have lost time by enjoying and relaxing in Singapore. Now is the time for you to catch up with lost time and work by visiting their internet kiosks where passengers can sit down for some work. This comes at no cost at all. It is free with 550 internet kiosks that help you work in peace. 

4. Admirable Art Installations

If the artist in you is dying to give some artistic treat to your eyes, then visit self-guided art installation trails scattered throughout all the terminals in the airport. It is a beautiful way of spending time among pieces of art. 

5. Time For Kids

The playgrounds in Terminals 2 and 3 are the place for your kids to be. They are complete with parks and a good place for your kids to spend their time.

6. Relax Way With A Swim At The Airport Pool

Dive deeply and wash away your worries and tensions at the Changi Airport Pool. This is one thing that you cannot miss at the airport. Even if you do not swim, you can just sit and relax by the pool and sip on a refreshing drink.

7. Finally Snore In Peace At The Snooze Lounge

With all the fun and excitement that has taken a toll on your body the past few days in Singapore, it is now time for you to catch up on some lost sleep at the Snooze Lounge in Changi. After all your fun at the airport, it is now finally time for you to board the Singapore to Delhi flight back home. 

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