5 Tea Estates in Darjeeling for Every Chai Lover

The stunning hill station of Darjeeling, sequestered in the northern part of West Bengal near Sikkim, may just prove to be your best getaway pass. After your Delhi to Bagdogra flight, you can take a winding road trip across the northeast to the mesmerising hill town of Darjeeling. This is sure to be a memorable experience.

You may have already heard about its misty-hilly charm, narrow and winding lanes, and bustling markets. But its tea estates deserve as much limelight. Here’s a list of Darjeeling’s top five tea estates that you must visit when you come here.

Glenburn Tea Estate

Established by the Scots in 1860, Glenburn Tea Estate is a massive tea plantation, sprawling over 1,600 acres. Set on the top of a hill, a tour through this grand tea garden is a must. One of the finest teas of India is grown here. The strong black, green and white teas are the specialities of this tea garden.

Arya Tea Estate

Set on the hill slopes with an elevation of 900 meters to 1,820 metres, the tea garden was set up way back in 1885. This bounteous tea garden produces some of the best tea in the whole country, most of which is exported. There is a beck-story that the garden was originally set up by Chinese monks. The garden produces a special black tea, green tea and Oolong. A tour through these 310 acres of tea garden is a must when you visit Darjeeling.

Ambootia Tea Garden

Another very important garden, Ambootia Tea Estate houses a record number of over 900 workers. Set upon an area of 340 hectares, the tea garden has been here since the 1850s. A tour through this beautiful garden is a must when you visit the hill station. It is situated near the north Kurseong region and has an elevation of 950 to 1,450 metres. The Oolong, black and white tea are some of the specialities of the estate. 

Avongrove Tea Estate

At a considerably higher altitude of 2,200 to 5,500 feet, this tea garden is famous for its China clonal type of tea, which takes a major percent of its total production. The tea garden is also famous for its hybrid tea. A tour through this scenic tea garden is a delight.

Badamtam Tea Estate

Established way back in 1861, Badamtam Tea Estate is essentially known for producing the famous Darjeeling Black Tea. Covering an area of 172 hectares, this tea garden is also famous for the view of the Kanchenjunga. Naturally, it’s considered one of the most scenic tea gardens in Darjeeling. The estate is at an elevation of 350 to 1,830 metres and is famous for its majestic bronze statue of Buddha.

You can also choose to take a flight from Bagdogra to Dibrugarh to get a view of the Bay of Bengal.

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