5 Safety Tips for Travelling with Asthma

Asthma affects roughly 300 million individuals worldwide. It can cause sporadic breathing difficulties but patients can live a full and rewarding life with right treatment, according to an article by World Health Organization (WHO). This means, once you can successfully control the symptoms like wheezing, troubled breathing and breathlessness, the chance of an attack is reduced. You will be able to travel safely with regular breaths from the inhaler according to your treatment plan.

So, if you have booked air tickets, take a look at few other tips to be able to travel safe with asthma. This is important since not all types of asthma are the same and could be triggered by different elements with varied results.

1. Stay Well Hydrated

To help alleviate the symptoms in-flight, drink plenty of fluids like juice, tea, coffee and water. Adequate hydration can help you breathe easily. This is important since dehydration can worsen the asthma impact. Don’t hesitate to ask for water every time you feel thirsty since the flight attendants at the best airline are happy to help you. Further, fill you bottles before boarding to have personal supply.

2. Keep Inhalers and Medication Handy

While air ticket booking, consider ordering a fresh medical kit of asthma essentials. You can also pack some quick relief pills for emergencies. Pack extra medicines, face masks, nebulizers and essential oils in a separate pouch. Make sure it is easily accessible in case you start feeling unwell and require prompt help.

3. Avoid the Pollen Season

Seasonal allergies can aggravate your condition. You might experience severe symptoms like excessive sneezing, watering eyes, swollen lips, and breath shortness. In fact, air pollution can also trigger asthma. So, avoid flight ticket booking during April-May and then September-October since the pollen content in air is at maximum. In case you have to travel urgently, do take enough precautions like face covers to stay healthy.

4. Follow Flight Instructions

For your safety, the top airline will not allow you to fly if you have active asthma attacks. You are also not fit to board the flight 48 hours after severe attack which requires hospitalisation. Do adhere to their guidelines for better personal health. However, you can book air tickets if you are asymptomatic and have no infections. Passengers must ensure they are stable and should carry medications in cabin baggage. 

5. Check with Your Doctor

Visit your general physician before you book flight tickets. It is crucial to get thoroughly screened to assure you are fit to travel. In fact, do get emergency medications prescribed to cater to unexpected attacks. Do fill your Asthma Action Plan and learn how to identify potential symptoms. These are smart ways to stay well-prepare for the condition. Try not to go ahead with your travel unless you receive a green signal from your doctor.

After boarding your flight, give a heads up to the crew about your asthma. While you might not be expecting an event of attack, it is safe to keep them aware. You can also inform your fellow traveller so that they can accommodate your requirements. Rest assured, putting these tips into action can ensure a safe flying experience.

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