What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Mosquito Net For Your Indian Home

There are no second thoughts about loving the rain. All of us await a pacifying rainy season that gathers all our imagination and memories under one roof. But what is hidden are the unwanted guests after a soothing downpour.

Those uninvited and unhidden guests are mosquitoes that are ever so difficult to keep at bay. Poor drainage systems and potholes make for very accommodating breeding grounds. This disruption exposes us to life-threatening diseases. Not to forget, they aggravate the situation to the extremes of snatching away a good night’s rest.

To curb the problem, you may turn towards mosquito repellents or anti-agents that do more harm than repair. Maybe it is time to take the road to mosquito nets, which are mainstream but can guarantee a peaceful sleep without worrying about being bitten.

A lot of Indian households prefer a foldable mosquito net. But there are few things to keep in mind before making your choice.

Look Out for the Right Size

One of the common mistakes people commit is blindly purchasing nets that do not fit the bed or are as loose as a floor gown. Choice of size is a crucial factor to take into consideration. Improper selection can lead to tons of problems.

Shorter nets might lead to gaps for mosquitoes to enter. On the other hand, a bigger mosquito net can make its installation difficult. Make sure to check if you need a king-size bed mosquito net or a foldable mosquito net for a double bed.

Always do your homework and keep your measurements ready. 

Shape Also Matters

The next factor to consider when buying the perfect mosquito net is its shape. Make sure to look out for congruent shapes, leaving no space for mosquitoes to enter. The variety of shapes that mosquito nets are offered in is fascinating.

From a self-support mosquito net to bell mosquito nets, from wedge and ridge mosquito nets to rectangles ones, there are plenty of options available. The challenge is to find which one will suit your bedroom’s environment.

Would you choose a classic mosquito net for a single bed or a foldable mosquito net for your double bed? It all depends on your preference. Make sure you choose the right shape because your mosquito net should serve its purpose.

Choose the Material Wisely

The material that you choose must ensure the ease of air flow. It shouldn’t suffocate you to the point of shifting back to mosquito repellent. Be it a foldable mosquito net or an attached net, ensure that you select the right material. 

Mosquito nets in India are majorly made of cotton or polyester. What’s the right option for you, you might ask? Polyester is recommended as it’s lightweight and considerably more durable than cotton. It also restricts the amount of dust that gets trapped in the net, making it easier to clean. 

Make sure that you know the material well before making a decision. Additionally, select a net that can be easy to fold to ship effectively.

Mesh Size

Denier (den-ee-yay) is a measurement of fibre thickness to make a fabric. Thus, it also indicates the mesh hole size. The smaller the mesh size, the smaller the insects it will keep away. However, it also means less airflow. What is the standard recommended size? 

The recommended size is a 75D mosquito net which eases the flow of air.  There are also mosquito nets made of 50D. While it is a bit tricky to purchase one of the 50Ds, keep in mind that higher quality 50Ds are less prone to tearing than low-quality ones.

Anything below 50D is prone to tear and restricts the flow of air. Feel the fabric before deciding.


Mosquito nets are considered old-school. People often overlook its strengths due to its appearance, but the key is to focus on the primary benefit these nets are meant to provide, which is to keep mosquitos away. 

It is up to you to make the right choice and not fall prey to those tiny mosquitoes.

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