The guide for buying bathrobes

Bathrobes are the perfect “me-time” companion. No wardrobe is every complete without it. A perfect robe is one that can keep you warm and cozy, covers your body, and a snuggly wrap. Whether it’s lounging on lazy weekends or sipping on a hot cup of coffee in the morning, bathrobes truly add that element of style, luxury, and comfort.

Here are 3 things to look out for when you plan to buy bathrobes online in India.

1) Fabric – The choice of fabric depends heavily on what your need is. They are commonly worn to dry and cover up the body after a bath, but their use is not limited to this. From using them on beaches as a cover from wind and sun to wearing them right before going to bed or right after waking up in morning, they offer more than comfort. They are made with materials which have excellent water absorbing quality and aid in drying the body. 

There are many kinds of fabric used as materials for bathrobe, including, cotton, terry, microfiber, and silk. Silk has its own softness and adds a touch of luxury and microfiber is easily machine-washable and tends to remain softer after wash. Then there is the old classic cotton, which is durable and cozy. SPACES has a collection of 100% cotton bathrobes for women and men, which are wrinkle-free, super absorbent, and soft.

2) Colour – It is not a secret that colours have a strong effect on our moods. There’s always the old classic white which we all know and admire. But if you are someone who loves to choose colours as per the season and prefer to go with bold colours or even make a statement then head over to to find a wide range of colours of bathrobes for men and women. Bathrobes are no longer just another bath accessory and are soon becoming a matter of style. Choosing the right colour of your bathrobe is an important factor to consider when looking to buy bathrobes online.

3) Quality – Softness, warmth, and comfort are the three mains things that everyone looks in their search for the best bathrobe. When buying cotton robes, you have look for the quality of cotton and how it is woven because that determines the quality of the bathrobe. Then comes the thickness and breathability. At you can narrow down your search by adding filters such as type, size, price, colour, and fabric that makes buying bathrobes online easier and simpler.

Bathrobes are one of those few personal apparels where an everyday use item can be practical and luxurious, so chose wisely and use this guide the next time you are looking to buy that perfect bathrobe to add spa-like feel to your bathroom.

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