The 3 Best Things to Buy for Your Dad This Year

Your dad was your first hero and the man you looked up to for years. Strong and dependable, he made all your dreams come true. While you may never be able to repay him for all he has done for you, how about giving him a token of your appreciation this Father’s Day? We have some gifting ideas for you:

#1 New bath linen.

Who says men don’t enjoy the touch and appearance of luxury bath linen? Your dad will certainly appreciate a new bath towel in a colour that he likes. Make sure that it is super absorbent so that it dries him off quickly and easily, even when he goes for a swim or is caught in a downpour. Buy the best bath towels online India, that offer high absorbency, easy maintenance, the finest cotton weave, and softness despite repeated washing. If you’re looking for other bath items to gift him, you could also look for hand towels, or buy bathrobe online India, or even a quirky bathroom mat.

#2 A quilt in his favourite colour.

Your dad works hard and likes his sleep a lot. He deserves all the rest he can get, and you can gift him several nights of peaceful, cosy sleep by buying him a quilt online. Leading bed linen brands retail the best range of quilts online in India, and you can easily make your selection based on the size (whether single or double), colour and pattern. Go with a quilt that matches the room décor to some degree so that it won’t stick out like a sore thumb. Also ensure that the quilt is easy to maintain and clean.

#3 A pair of bathroom slippers.

Let your dad enjoy a long luxurious shower this Father’s Day, wipe himself off with the best bath towel, slip into a luxurious new bathrobe that you bought for him, and pad about the house wearing new bathroom slippers. Get the fluffy ones with rabbits on them – they will make him laugh and remind him of your childhood, when he bought you fluffy stuffed animals to play with. The day is all about pampering your dad, so this is a great gift. Round off by giving him a relaxing foot massage and pedicure.

Other great gifts to give your dad in 2021

A day out: When was the last time you spent time having a meal and catching a movie with your dad? Why not do it this Father’s Day? You can make a day of it and make special memories with your father…until next Father’s Day!

A new watch: Does your dad already have a collection of watches? Or does he use an old one for sentimental reasons? Either way, he will appreciate a new one. Have it inscribed with your name and the date, and he will treasure it forever.

A holiday with your mum: The recent lockdown and travel restrictions have put a damper on everybody’s travel plans. But as restrictions ease, maybe it’s time to venture out again. Go ahead and book a short trip for your dad and mum. They will relish the break and your dad will be secretly thrilled to spend the day with his spouse.

A new smartphone: Is your father technologically challenged? If he is, it’s time to get him a simple smartphone that he will not be intimidated by. If he is tech savvy, then you can get him a swank new phone that has all the bits and whistles that he will enjoy exploring.

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