Selling your used tablet in UAE? Here's how you can cash in on it!

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Buyback in the UAE is common among people who sell their used electronics and other precious items such as luxury watches in exchange for money. There are verified and trusted site for the exchange of the product with money. There are several items that you can sell on such websites, like phones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches. If you are in real need of cash, you can sell your used tablet in UAE or any such item and get the right cash amount for it.The company also gives its sellers a chance to buy back the sold item within 60 days. You can even extend the buyback period anytime after you have sold the product. But there are certain terms and conditions applied to the buyback offer. Therefore, follow the instructions as stated by the website to extend or buyback the item.There is a four-step process for selling and buying used tablets on the website.

Sell your used tablet in UAE: Know the process in detail

Let us take an example of, sell your used tablet in UAE to know the process in detail: 

1. Category- The first step is to choose a category of product you want to sell. The four categories displayed are mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches. If you wish to sell the used tablet then click on the tablet icon. 

2. Brand- After clicking on the tablet icon, you will have to select the brand of that item. The three brands are displayed under the brand option. Select your tablet’s brand. If your tablet is of a different brand then type it in the search option. If you fail to find the item, then select the “Can’t find it here” option mentioned at the bottom.

When you click the “Can’t find it here” option, a form will appear on your screen. You will have to fill that form to give more information about your tablets such as their brand, model, series, storage memory, screen size, name, phone number, and email address. After giving the required details, you will have to submit the form. 

3. Series- Next, you will have to choose the Series or model of your used tablet. There will be different models displayed under different brands. You must select your model by clicking on that icon. If you fail to find your model, then click on the “Can’t find your device” option mentioned at the bottom. You can also search your series in the search box.

4. Details- Lastly, after you select the series or model, you will have to state its variant. For example, if it has only Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and Cellular both. If your tab variant is not available under the series menu, then click on the “Can’t find it here” option.

The entire process is transparent and safe for its buyers and sellers. It is a simple, convenient, and hassle-free way to get cash in exchange for your sold item. Therefore, if you urgently require money and at the same time do not wish to lose your precious item forever, you can visit the customer service page for help.You can sell the used tablet in UAE easily as there are many potential buyers on the website.There are many young buyers such as students who opt for a secondhand phone, tablet, smartwatch, or laptop as they have less pocket money. The website for buyback offers a wide range of precious items and electronics of top brands to its customers. It also deals in the exchange of cars along with other luxury items. 

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