The festive season calls for endless celebration and gifting and receiving of special presents to and from loved ones. While you love gifting your friends and relatives, you often find yourself running out of ideas. This year, why not make a friend really happy by gifting them a superbly crafted, super-soft dohar?

What are dohars?

Dohars are traditional Indian blankets made in a typical fashion not found anywhere else in the world. It is a type of comforter made by weaving together cotton that is beaten to a stiff and thin layer, and which is stitched between layers of more cotton. Traditionally, the outer layers would be made of muslin – dohars were unique to royal Indian households and muslin was a prized fabric among the wealthy. Over the years, however, other households also started making their own dohars, albeit using cotton as the outer casing.

The word ‘dohar’ comes from the Hindi word ‘doharana’ which means ‘to cover’ or ‘repeat’. In terms of a comforter, it signifies one that is made using the layering technique to retain body warmth. This kind of comforter is most often used in the cold regions of the country. However, depending on its thickness and density, it may be used all around the year.

They are synonymous with Indian grandmothers weaving dohars for their pregnant daughters-in-law or daughters, and making smaller ones for infant children and toddlers. They are the best kind of comforter since they do not overheat and are easy to maintain.

Why is it a wonderful gift?

There is no person in the world who does not crave blissful, deep sleep. A cosy comforter that does not overheat or cling too much to the contours of the body goes a long way in promoting the deep sleep you crave. A dohar is a wonderful item of bed linen that assures one of several years of wonderful naps and night time sleep.

It naturally follows that when you gift a dohar to a dear friend or a close family member, you are expressing your love and interest in their comfort and happiness. You want them to enjoy good sleep every night, and you want their bed to look nicer with a stunning new dohar. They offer protection from the cold weather, keep the user snugly cocooned all night, and do not overheat because they conduct body warmth well (being made of cotton helps). Now tell us, why wouldn’t your loved one appreciate such a special gift?

We recommend buying a reversible dohar from a premium bed linen brand in India for the festive season.

The benefits of a reversible dohar

As the name suggests, this is a cotton comforter that can be reversed for use. Thus, the user gets the advantage of two different designs when they reverse the usual face of the comforter. It’s like gifting them with two comforters instead of one.

You can buy them in single or double variants, but be sure to pick a brand that has a large variety of them in 100% cotton and featuring exquisite patterns and colours.

How to wash and maintain it

Maintaining a dohar is straightforward. You can wash it in the washing machine (do not add other clothing to the load) using a good quality liquid detergent. Use the washing machine’s ‘blanket’ setting and do not use hot water or bleach in the wash.

Once washed, you may use the dryer on it. If not using a dryer, refrain from drying it in direct sunlight to avoid colour fading.

We hope you and your loved ones have the best festive season!


Reversible Dohars: The Best Gifting Idea This Season

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