How to Style Your Diamond Danglers for a Lunch Date

Diamond dangler earrings are on-trend in 2021. According to Vogue, the most popular style are dangler shoulder dusters. These earrings are named after their length, where the ends of the earrings almost brush your shoulders. In fact, over-the-top dramatic diamond earrings for women will continue to rule jewelry fashion trends for months to come.

So, whether you choose mismatched celestial earrings, like the moon and stars, or geometric patterns, remember to make it a statement piece that elevates your entire look.

If you are nervous about how to style them for a date with your special someone, here are some ways you can rock diamond dangler earrings and make them look effortless.

1. Sweet and Simple

Wearing too many statement pieces at the same time could not only make you look like a brand ambassador for a jewelry brand but will also be very distracting for your date. Pair simple diamond earrings, danglers, preferably with a cute summer dress and white sneakers, so you know your date will be more focused on you rather than the ample amount of jewelry you originally intended to wear. Your jewelry for your date should accentuate your features instead of overshadowing them.

2. Add a Romantic Touch

Choosing soft, delicate accessories really adds a romantic feel to the entire look. Delicate jewelry is also super flattering and will go with almost any outfit you pick. In case you wish to look extremely feminine and elegant, you could consider diamond dangler earrings with a round-cut solitaire in the part that dangles below the earlobe. If you want to look edgier, consider something symbolic, like the infinity loop with both white and black diamonds.

3. Dress for the Occasion

The first step, however, is to pick your outfit. You might want to dress more casually if you’re going to the movies, but for a dinner date, you might consider your little black dress. With jeans or casual attire, you could consider dangler earrings for women with colored gemstones like a beautiful blue topaz. On the other hand, with your LBD, especially if it has a low neckline, look at longer danglers that will add length to your neck and highlight your collarbones.

4. Be Yourself

Regardless of how clichéd that might sound, if you don’t feel comfortable, you won’t look confident. So, rather than copying someone else’s style, wear what you are most comfortable in. Choose an outfit that fits you well, rather than being fidgety all evening because you’re uncomfortable. Similarly, pick diamond earrings, especially danglers, if you love to wear larger earrings. If this is not your style, accessorize with stud or drop earrings, which are more subtle.

5. Choose One Statement Piece

You don’t want to look overdressed or desperate to impress on a date, especially if it is a lunch date. Looking elegant and sophisticated should be your goal. So, pick one statement piece, like diamond dangler earrings for women, rather than cluttering up your look with multiple pieces of jewelry. So, go ahead and check out the wide range of diamond dangler earrings online. If you’re worried about your budget, look for lab-grown diamonds. These are not only much more affordable than mined diamonds, but they are also safe for the environment and conflict-free.

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