How to rehaul your bed linen for 2022

Every home has bed linen, but not every home has the right bed linen that affords restful and deep sleep to its occupants. Feather soft sheets, a dohar that drapes itself to keep you cosy every night, a pillow your head can sink into…these are necessary for good sleep and health. It’s time you did your bed a service and got new bed linen for the season.

The following are our easy tips for rehauling your bed linen for the year 2022:

* Get only what you need.

Though premium bed linen is not always expensive, it still takes up a lot of storage space in your home. It is tempting to keep adding myriad bed linen items to your shopping cart, especially if the price is right and the designs are on point. But the number one rule for buying new bed linen, whether it is bedsheets or dohars or even standalone pillow covers, is to buy only what you need. Take stock of your current bedding: discard the ones that you can do without and put them in the ‘To donate’ heap while the ones that are torn or completely faded may be repurposed or simply thrown away. Now that you are aware, in terms of numbers, how much bed linen you need to buy, you can proceed with shopping for it online.

* Invest in dohars.

Dohars are the best kind of covering one can have in the bed. A well-made dohar can be used all year round, while most quilts and comforters cannot. You can browse for cotton dohars online from premium bed linen brands. Cotton dohars accord the most amount of breathability since the fabric allows movement of air, so you do not feel overheated when you sleep. Also, they are easy to wash (wash them one at a time in the washing machine) and maintain and can last for years. We recommend getting dohars online in both single and double sizes, so you can alternate between different ones while the last one is being washed. You can also buy single dohars for children.

* New bedsheets that keep you safe are great.

Bedsheets can make or mar the appearance of your bed. You already have bedsheets in your linen closet, but you want to buy new ones. Browse among premium bed linen sites online to see their new collections and compare their features and price points. We suggest buying anti-viral (eliminate up to 99.9% infectious viruses including novel Coronavirus), air-purifying (neutralise harmful greenhouse gases in the immediate environment), anti-microbial/anti-bacterial (kill infectious and odour-causing microbes) and hygro-cotton (super soft bedsheets that get softer with every wash) bedsheets for the year. These will keep you and your loved ones safe as you sleep, and help you remain fitter and healthier in 2022.

* Get bed runners and other accessories.

Once you have rehauled your bedlinen, it is time to accessorise. We suggest getting accessories like duvet covers, bed runners, bedside lamps, and others to enhance the look and feel of the bed. Ultimately, the bed is not a clinical space where one robotically goes to sleep – it must have the right ambience for you to feel relaxed, let your stress melt away and get into the right frame of mind for sleep. Accessories like the right lighting fixtures, runners next to the bed that offer a pleasurable feel underfoot, a duvet cover or bedcover that keeps the bedding protected and clean, are all enhancements that increase your enjoyment of the bed.Tell us your bed linen rehaul tips in the comments below.

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