How to Choose Affordable Luxury Sheets

Buying bedsheets online is a tricky business; after all, what you buy decides how comfortable your nightly sleep will be. Good luxury sheets make you feel glamorous and warm, keeping you comfortable throughout the night. Purchasing the appropriate luxury sheets that don’t pinch your pocket can improve your overall sleep quality and create an inviting environment in your bedroom.

It is important to have a framework in mind when you buy bed sheets online.You need some idea on how to select sheets made of high-quality materials, maintain their color and feel, are created with expert craftsmanship and premium materials, and are comfortable and long-lasting.

A Comprehensive Guide To Buy Luxury Sheets That Fit Your Budget

This comprehensive guide will help you evaluate bed sheets of all kinds and help you to find your perfect affordable bedding sets for your needs.

1. Consider The Thread Count 

The thread count of bedsheets refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. Normally, a good bedsheet comes with 200-800 threads, and it is assumed that the higher the count, the better and more comfortable the sheet. This is not to say, however, that a bed sheet with a count of 200 cannot be good. It is always a wiser decision to focus on the quality of its fabric instead of buying something purely for its thread count.

2. Pick the Right Fabric

You can choose the fabric of your bedsheets according to your preference. Consider cotton bedsheets which are perfect for all seasons, soft, and breathable. For more affordable options of cotton, you can choose from Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton (the most expensive and durable of the lot), a polyester-percale blend, or combed cotton. Cotton-poplin is light, cotton-polyester is reasonably priced, and linen has a natural cooling effect. Do bear in mind that polyester is less breathable than cotton and is bad for sensitive skin. The highest-quality cotton bed sheets online combine premium fabric with a high thread count- the best of both worlds.

3. Look At The Weave Types

You don’t have to fully rely on weaves before you buy bed sheets online, but you certainly must know the difference. Sateen is a satin weave that produces a very soft, lustrous feel but can be less durable than a tighter weave. Percale weave, on the other hand, is crisp and durable and has a thread count of at least 180. Choose your preferred category as per your choice and comfort.

4. Consider The Right Fit

It is crucial to measure your mattress before you buy your bedsheets online. Buy twin sheets if your mattress is 38 x 75″, double sheets if the size is 53 x 75″, Queen double sheets if it is 60 x 80″, King-size bedsheets for 78 x 80″, and California King Sheets for 72 x 84″ sized mattresses. The bigger the size, the more expensive will be the bedsheet.

5. Go For Trendy Prints (If You Want)

You could go monotone with a plain colored bedsheet that can be in contrast with your walls, or printed ones, with trending designs and striking prints that suit your taste. You can opt for geometric designs, florals, double-shaded bed linen, embroidered, or color-blocked sheets for your bedroom. Children love animated and colorful bedsheets for their rooms, so make your choice accordingly.

6. Coordinate Your Bedding

A well-coordinated luxury bedding will tie everything together. You can color-coordinate your bedsheets with your style, décor, headboard, other fabrics on your bed, quilts, and even the walls of your bedroom.

7. Consider Accessories

Pick decorative pillows, comforters, duvet covers, throws, and cushions along with your bedsheets, adding more life to your bedroom.

8. Consider Care Instructions

It is substantial to treat your bedding with care. Choose the ones that aren’t too complex to wash. Pick fabrics with strong threads and that can be washed easily using fabric softeners. You can extend the life of your bedsheets by using lukewarm water to wash them and by not drying them in direct sunlight.


Now that you know how you can buy bedsheets online, you can go ahead and buy one online with high quality, beautiful designs, comfortable fit, great fabric, and that doesn’t pinch your pocket. Now, you don’t have to settle for anything else, so combine appeal, luxury, and comfort and get your perfect bedsheets online.     

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