How have smartphones changed our lives?

If we look back in the past, say for 20 years ago, the small device i.e. Smartphones didn’t exist. We have become so dependent on these small gadgets. Let’s have a look that how these Smartphones have changed our lives.

We can say that these devices have made our lives a little bit easier than compared to the early one. They have given shape to our lives in every aspect. Worldwide, around 3.2 billion people use Smartphones.

Positive changes –

  • We are able to do all our daily chores instantly-

From paying mobile and electricity bills or doing shopping; everything has become easy because of this gadget. Official work can be carried out with ease. Earlier you need not log in from your desktop to get the access of your Gmail account. You can simply download the app and start working from your mini device.

  • Easy access to the information

Access to information; be it of any kind has become quite easy. You don’t have to carry any hefty book for that. You can get any information you want with the help of mobile.

  • Organizing things have become easier

You can add your important dates and deadlines as a reminder on your mobile calendar. You can even track your tasks with the help of your Smartphone.

  • Improved connectivity

Today there many apps through which you can stay in touch with your Family and friends. You are now more connected to the society than before. We get to see each other through video calls. Your loved ones are just one call away these days.

As there are positive effects, on the other side there are adverse effects also-

  • Highly dependent

For every little thing, we have to look out for the Smartphones. Yes, it is true that it has brought human beings closer but we have forgotten the technique of doing a face-to-face communication. We are so addicted to the online conversation, that we forget to greet each other in real meetups.

  • Our privacy is at stake

The privacy of personal information may get compromised while using Smartphones. The Smartphones are connected to the internet most of the time and there is every chance of your private data being stolen or compromised. Although Smartphone companies do everything for the privacy of their customers still it is pretty risky.

  • Find difficult in prioritizing things

We are so used to our smartphones, that we can’t even think of putting it away and concentrate on those things which are very important than that device. There was a time when we used to keep our office work in the office only. However, now you take your office work to your home. Many people find hard time sleep because of that mini screen which keeps popping up all the time.

So, if you own any of the branded company’s smartphones like Samsung Smartphone, Apple i-phone, etc make sure that you know your limits while making use of it. These gadgets are really helpful but on the other hand, they can be the reason of ruining your life also. So, act accordingly.

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