Here's How You Should Clean Your Dohar

Dohar or Razai is a prevalent type of blanket in Southeast Asian countries. It is a thick blanket, which is suitable for the Indian climate during winters. Dohars are handmade and are thick. They are different from the cosy sheets or comforters. They are made with clothes or even the thick threads of wool for ultimate comfort and warmth. You can check for cotton dohar online at Story@Home.

Problems of Unclean Dohar

Since dohars are made of cloth, they accumulate dirt frequently. If you have children in your home, unclean cotton dohars can make them ill. Moreover, if someone in your family has asthma or a dust allergy, unclean dohars can amplify the problem. Dirty, unclean dohars can also cause skin problems like itchy eczema. Additionally, dohars smell awful when they are messy.

Why Should You Keep Your Dohar Clean?

A clean cotton dohar you bought onlinecan help maintain the hygiene to your home if it is clean. Dohars also improve your home decor and can improve your sleep quality. You can find dohars in plenty of shades and textures at online stores like Story@Home. 

Cleaning Your Dohar – The Do’s

  • Always follow the care instructions on product labels before washing a dohar you bought online or offline.
  • In winters, nobody wants to be out of the dohar. Hence, it accumulates dust and stain quite often. So wash it as frequently as possible. Be careful not to use strong detergents or bleach for washing, though.
  • Wash your dohar in the washing machine but use a gentle or hand wash cycle. As cotton dohars are made up of fine fibres, you need to be sure about the fabric to maintain.
  • You can hand wash more delicate dohars like embroidered or beaded dohars, because a machine wash might damage the intricate design on the dohar.
  • Use a gentle soap while washing a dohar you bought online. Using harsh detergent can affect the colour and fabric of your dohar.
  • To increase the dohar’s life, you can first remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner. Remember to place a nylon stocking over the end of the hose. A dust-free dohar does not take much time to clean.
  • Do air out your dohar on a nice day. Fold it over the clothesline or lay it on the top of the large sheet of grass.
  • Remove the stains as soon as they occur on cotton dohars, or else it becomes tougher to remove them.
  • If you are storing your dohar then make a fold and refold it every three months.
  • You can look at the related webpage about the cleaning process if you have bought a dohar online.

Cleaning Your Dohar – The Don’ts

  • Never wash an heirloom dohar in the washing machine.
  • Don’t use warm water while washing a dohar. Warm water damages the fabric of your dohar.
  • Always check the colour resistance of the material before washing it. Many companies provide a product manual when you buy a dohar online.
  • Don’t dry your dohar in the dryer; always lay flat to dry.
  • Never let your dohar leave in direct sunlight.
  • Don’t eat and drink around the dohar.
  • Do not dry clean your dohar because chemicals can harm your dohar, which makes the life of your dohar short.
  • Do not store your dohar in a plastic bag as even cotton needs to breathe.
  • Don’t keep dohars in a wooden box, as the bugs can harm your dohar.

Following all these tips can help you out in maintaining the winter’s favourite dohars. You can have your dohar for years and years with you when you maintain it properly. 

To Conclude,

You can buy a dohar online anytime from Story@Home. We have a nice collection of dohars with different sizes, colours, designs and prices. You can choose according to your style and make your home look charming with a cotton dohar. But before buying a dohar online, try checking the product description. 

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