GSM and Thread Count- What's the Difference and why does it matter?

There are some technical terms that deserve demystification while exploring options for bed and bath linen, right from bed sheets and bath towels to hand towels and more. These terms are GSM (grams per square meter) and thread count. Here is what they stand for and the differences you should know more about. Knowing these terms will help you make informed decisions before purchasing. 

Thread Count- What it entails

Checking the thread count is essential while buying hand towels online and other bed or bath linen products. Here are a few points that will help you understand what it means: 

  • Thread count is the number of threads that are woven into one square inch of fabric/material. 
  • It covers both vertical (warp) and horizontal (weft) threads. 
  • The thread count influences the comfort and quality of products. 

Now that you have a basic idea of the thread count, here’s why it is important: 

  • A higher thread count indicates a denser fabric with a higher volume of threads for every square inch. 
  • This leads to a softer and smoother texture, ensuring a more comfortable and luxurious feeling on the skin. 
  • Fabrics with a higher thread count usually last longer and offer good durability. 
  • With threads that are woven more tightly, the sheets are less vulnerable to issues like tearing, piling, and other wear and tear. 
  • This is essential for bed and bath linen that is used and laundered regularly. 
  • A higher thread count is also linked to good breathability. Many people mistakenly think that breathability goes down in the case of a denser fabric. 
  • Modern-day fabrics with higher thread count ensure adequate softness and breathability alike, with a high thread count. 
  • Materials like long-staple combed cotton yarn also enable superior air circulation and absorption of moisture alongside. 
  • Higher thread counts are also synonymous with premium quality and luxurious experiences, be it while sleeping on bed sheets or using hand towels regularly. 

These are some of the key features that make the thread count an important criterion while buying bed and bath linen products online. 

Understanding what GSM means 

GSM stands for grams per square meter, as mentioned earlier. Here are some aspects which will help you understand more about the same: 

  • GSM is a specific measurement that helps in the determination of the density and weight of bath or hand towels. 
  • It helps in ascertaining the quality of bath linen products along with the overall levels of absorbency and performance. 
  • GSM is something that directly influences the absorbency levels of a towel. A higher GSM figure indicates a thicker and denser material. This helps in absorbing moisture faster than other counterparts. 
  • Durability is one of the biggest things to consider while selecting towels. A higher GSM may indicate long-lasting comfort and durability without any issues. These towels will hold their shape better without getting worn out swiftly due to regular washing and usage. 
  • A higher GSM count can also mean a more luxurious experience while using hand towels and other bath linen. The higher density and weight ensure a more indulgent and premium feeling on the skin. This naturally boosts overall usage experiences greatly. 
  • Towels with a higher GSM may also seem more luxurious and sophisticated, thereby adding more visual appeal to daily experiences. 
  • GSM is a basic indicator of fabric weight, but it also impacts towels’ comfort and softness levels. Products with a higher GSM may be more velvety and softer, bringing more pleasantness into the usage equation. 

Summing Up 

Understanding the key difference between GSM and thread count is vital while buying bed and bath linen products for your home or establishment. Both of these terms indicate measurements that directly affect the fabric attributes and quality. However, they cater to varying purposes and have specific implications in terms of long-term usage experiences. 

Its time to enjoy luxury, comfort, and higher durability with the best hand towels, bath towels, bed sheets, and more (provided you check the thread count and GSM before buying). 

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