Get yourself that exclusive laptop that you always wanted with the help of buy now pay later

Buy now pay later is a convenient way to finance dream possessions which are also necessary items. Fintech companies that have launched the popular buy now pay later scheme have researched customer preferences as well as affordable expenditure, and buy now pay later online is offering EMI’s that are just within the budgets of most people. In addition, BNPL offers loyalty rewards and other incentives that make products cheaper and allow people to make payments comfortably without saving enough to make the entire payment all at once.

The laptop comes within reach

A laptop is every person’s desire and a very necessary item for a traveling executive or even a salesperson. A laptop can be used for work, entertainment, managing personal finances, making and showing presentations, and several other extremely useful applications. Laptops come with exclusive features, and the price can vary from Rs 20000 to as high as Rs 1.5 lakhs. Financing a laptop used to be a difficult expenditure, and people had to compromise with low-end models, but now there is the exclusive buy now pay later laptop with not only attractive discounts, reward points, and cashback but a very comfortable pay back plan. People who use and require laptops on a regular basis can now choose the most suitable buy now pay later laptop.

Laptops come in different models based on the quality and size of the monitor, speaker volume, storage space, lightweight, features, battery life, the ability to be used with different devices, and installed software. There are also facilities to install add-ons when users can afford them, but an exclusive buy now pay later laptop not only works out cheaper but does not require future add-ons.

The most exclusive laptops incorporate the M2 chips, and is compatible with high-resolution web cameras and high megapixel in-built cameras. They have 11th-generation intel processors, and some even have 12th gen processors. Other convenient features include a keyboard backlight, fingerprint reader, and USB C port. These exclusive features, such as a fingerprint reader, are necessary for the large number of banking and government sites that need biometric readers. Buyers can also expect to get different ports for allowing plug-in of various devices.    

The special features of buy now pay later

Buy now pay later has progressed from being a simple payment gateway during POS (point of sale) checkouts to an affiliate online shopping cum financial solution provider. The BNPL app has also moved on to accommodate several online shopping stores and service providing companies. 

  • BNPL incorporates artificial intelligence and the internet of things to be aware of the preferences as well as the budget layouts of most of their subscribers. In combination with BNPL, the stores make just the right kind of offers, and popup menus offer products at just the right kind of pricing and financing to bring them within reach. So, if it is that exclusive laptop or that designer wardrobe that was always a dream possession, all such exclusive options are now within reach.
  • BNPL apps are also aware of people’s payment history and recognize loyal and paying customers. Such preferred customers get specialized offers with longer payment tenures and lower EMIs with no interest. The offers and reward points are a little more. Customers have the option to redeem the points for price discounts during future purchases. Some BNPL apps allow their customers to structure their repayment plan within the first 2 weeks. The first restructuring is free, but any subsequent restructuring can incur a fee.
  • There are no interest nor any processing fees or hidden charges. There is, however, a late fee in case there is a delay in payment, and the fine can be as high as 25% of the cost of the product or services bought under the scheme.
  • Buy now, pay later can be used for paying premiums of insurance or any other savings scheme and can also be used for buying a holiday package. Many people use BNPL to pay for spas, gyms, and health clubs and spread the payment over the next few months.
  • There is a big advantage of people with credit cards. People can charge through a credit card even while opting for BNPL. There are no credit card charges if the balance payment is made in 4 EMIs.

Now that the exclusive laptop with the added benefit of buy now pay later is ready for the asking, buyers can fulfill their dream by logging into BNPL and selecting the most suitable payment option. The prized gadget will be delivered to their doorstep as soon as the initial payment is made.

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