Figure Out Which Mattress Fits You: Latex or Memory Foam

To figure out which mattress fits you, first decide what is the most important thing you want from a mattress? Is it health, comfort, or durability? Make an informed decision by going through the below comparison between latex and memory foam mattress.

A memory foam mattress is known for providing pressure relief and comfort. On the downside, some harsh chemicals are also used in its making. Also, latex mattress and latex pillow are known for being natural, healthy, and durable, but they are not high on comfort.

Latex Foam Used in Latex Mattress and Latex Pillow

Latex foam is designed to replace spring in traditional spring mattresses. Latex can be made by using natural or artificial ingredients. There are three different types of latex foam:

Natural Latex
100% synthetic latex
Blended Latex

Natural latex foam is processed rubber tree sap. It is rarely used in making mattresses as it is quite expensive. Most companies use only one to two inches of natural latex on the top of a mattress to call it a natural mattress.

Latex Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress

Latex mattresses have been around for more than fifty years. They are known to be the healthiest and most environment-friendly mattress type. Nevertheless, their comfort level is not at par because the more natural they are, the firmer they are inclined to be.

Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, outperform latex mattresses on all fronts such as blood circulation, comfort etc. Pressure point relief provided by memory foam mattress is a clear sign of comfort. The mattress type offers the best sleep surface and contouring support to your body. The downside being, a memory foam mattress is made using harsh chemicals.

Hence, choosing a natural latex healthy mattress or a memory foam comfortable mattress is a question that troubles many.

Ways to Make Latex Mattress Foam

Sap from rubber tree is collected and operated into latex, and the finished product is used to make latex mattress and latex pillows. Following are the two processes used to make latex mattress foam:

Talalay Process

The Talalay process produces a softer-feeling latex foam, which is achieved by using synthetics.

Dunlop Process

The Dunlop process creates a firmer-feeling latex foam.

Both Dunlop and Talalay latex foam can be made entirely synthetic. With this information, you can make an informed decision while buying a latex mattress, a latex pillow or a memory foam mattress.

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