Buy A Dohar To Instantly Deck Up Your Room

A comfortable bed with a cosy cocoon of bedding makes winters even better. Cuddle up this winter with a Dohar. The addition of a single Dohar can not only add an extra warm covering but also spruce up the appearance of a made-up bed.

Dohars are traditional blankets or quilts, originating in the Indian subcontinent, and have been in use for ages as a bedroom accessory. Although their usage has diminished over the years, they are as comfortable as a blanket and provide similar warmth. Dohar consists of three layers of cotton fabric stitched and padded together.

The outer layers of a Dohar can be made from multiples pieces of fabric stitched together which makes them as unique as they are comfortable. The prints of Dohars are usually block printed with stamps with natural dyes. They are known for their intricate and colourful designs, often displaying Indian motifs.

Dohars can be used in the summers as well. They serve the purpose of being decorative bedding or even decorative covering on a sofa or armchair. Depending on the fabric they are made of, Dohars can also keep people cool in the summers with its capability to conduct heat according to season. 

Different sizes of Dohar:

Sizes of Dohar depend on the bedding they are meant for. Therefore –

  • Single Dohar – For single bed – 60 inches by 90 inches
  • Double Dohar – For double bed – 88 inches by 100inches
  • Queen Dohar – For Queen sized bed – usually the same or slightly bigger than a double Dohar
  • King Dohar – For King-sized bed – 90 inches by 108 inches

As Dohars don’t need to be a perfect fit for the mattress and have an overhang, Double, Queen, and King-sized Dohars are often not separate categories. The average size fits all three. 

What is Baby Dohar?

Although one can buy single Dohars for a crib, we now have what is called Baby Dohars. A Baby Dohar is tailored to cover the area in a crib. They prevent bulking of bedding in a crib as they are made for a small crib. They are much smaller than a single Dohar and are lighter. These can also be used to cover or swaddle an infant. 

How to clean Dohars?

Due to being made with cotton, it is easy to launder Dohars. They are machine washable. However, choosing the right detergent for the wash cycle is very important. The Dohar should also be washed gently, whether in a washing machine or by hand. When washing by hand, warm water is to be used. 

It is also important to note that a Dohar should never be bleached. Ironing a Dohar needs to be done at low heat and as mentioned above, gently. 

Where to buy a Dohar?

Bedding stores across the country either sell Dohars or would customize one on order. To buy Dohar online, one can check out several bedding retail websites. Similar to all other types of bedding, there is an availability of Dohars online. There are different types and prints to choose from. With an abundance of Dohars online, it is easy to find one to match the decor of your room. Also known as razai in Asia, Dohars are multipurpose blankets which are both warm covering and decorative pieces. They are also a piece of traditional bedding which are slowly falling out of use. To preserve the tradition and craftsmanship of Dohars, acquire one to deck up a bed or even the living room

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