Best Place To Sell Mobile Online And Get A Good Price For It

At present, every person possesses a smartphone and other electronic gadgets. The world has become tech-savvy and the electronic industry is at its peak. There is continuous competition among different electronic companies to introduce the latest technology products in the market for the customers. With the rise in demand for the latest technology mobile phones, the production of the latest smartphones has also increased. But not many people can upgrade their smartphones as they come with a big price. Therefore, gadget recycling has given way to trading old phones and getting cash in return. In this way, people can make money and buy a new phone with it as per their choice. Due to this reason, customers around the world look for a reliable company who buy old outdated phones and give good cash in return. Nowadays more and more people want to sell mobile online and earn good money. It is not easy to find the best place to sell mobile online and get a good price for it. Though it is tricky to find a genuine company that can make swift payment, you can trust few websites that do offer quick payment. You can either sell mobile online or do it by visiting a reliable company office. There are two different sets of steps to be done by Android users and iPhone users before selling their phones.

So before you sell off your Android phone, you must do the following things mentioned below:

  • Backup your data- Do not forget to save all your app data, calendar entries, contacts, Google Drive documents, Google+ photos, bookmarked web browsers etc to your personal Google account. Ensure that all the data has successfully backed up. 
  • Backup your videos and photos- Save all your videos and photos manually to your PC or the cloud. You can use multiple cloud storage options to save your photos and videos on the cloud. You will have to connect your phone to your computer to shift all the videos and photos to it. If you have an SD card in your phone, then you might want to shift or move all your data, photos and videos from phone storage to the SD card. If you are planning to give away your phone along with the SD card then you must copy and paste the folders you need from your phone to the computer. You can delete the photos and videos from the phone only after completely copying the folders. 
  • Backup your call log and texts- If you wish to keep a copy of all your important call logs and text messages, you will have to back up both of them separately. 
  • Encrypt your data- After successfully backing up all your data, you must delete it from your phone. You will have to factory reset, to ensure all the data has been cleared from the device. But before that, you will need to encrypt the data. By encrypting the data, you lock the data of the phone by putting in a password. People who want to see your data will have to enter the password to decrypt the device. You can also encrypt the SD card. 
  • Disabling factory reset- you will have to remove all your Google accounts from the phone if you wish to disable the factory reset protection. 
  • Last but not least perform a Factory reset on your device.

If you have an iPhone, then you must do the following to protect your data before selling the device. 

  • Backup to iCloud.
  • Backup with Finder/iTunes.
  • Delete apps.
  • Delete photos.
  • Export contacts.
  • Sign out of iMessage, iCloud, and FaceTime.
  • Sign out of App Store/iTunes.
  • General reset.
  • Reminders, Safari, Mail, Calendars.
  • Deregister iMessage.
  • Unpair your iPhone from Apple Watch.
  • Disable all Screen Time Passcode /passcodes.

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