Amazing Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in Smartphones

John McCarthy, the Father of Artificial Intelligence, would never have imagined the impact of this technology on human interaction with machines and devices. Every major player in the smartphone industry boasts of using AI in their phones. It has turned out to be a friend in disguise.

Huawei hails itself for introducing the first dedicated AI chip in smartphones. Huawei’s Honor mobiles sport the Kirin 970 AI chip, which enables the camera to identify people, food, text, animals and even a portrait.

Here’s a look at some amazing benefits of using AI in smartphones.

User Behavior

AI is programmed to learn and adapt with time. On a smartphone, AI will learn your usage pattern and will start working according to it. We can see that in YouTube, Google search, navigation-based applications from both Google and Apple, and even on the pop-up ads we see on various websites. Suggestions are shown to us based on our browsing history and search preferences. Google Photos and the iOS Photos app are able to segregate and arrange our photos into different patterns using AI.

Improved Security

Honor mobile phones use AI-based technology for their Face recognition unlocking system. The AI technology attempts to identify the user’s face for security. It can distinguish and identify changes in the look of the user over time, for example with the growth of facial hair. AI analyzes the user behavior and reduces privacy and security issues by sending alerts about probable breach of user data.

Voice Assistants

Siri was the first voice assistant to be introduced by Apple in 2011. Since then Google Assistant, Cortana and Alexa have also gained popularity. They use AI to find what you tell them to and respond to your queries. These voice assistants can be used to search on the Internet, dial a number, or place an order. They can work as an interface between humans and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Machine learning has enabled these virtual assistants to understand our usage pattern and make our searches more efficient.

Enhanced Photography Experience

Smartphone makers use AI to enhance the camera experience. Smartphones with AI-enabled cameras are powered by software algorithms that recognize your face and decide what should be in focus and what should fade into the background.

Optimized User Experience

AI will make face and fingerprint recognition more secure and efficient. It will increase the role of virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa in our day-to-day lives. Virtual assistants will process data faster and will increase their ability to understand and converse in human languages. It has also been predicted that AI-powered devices will be able to use individual data for personalized assistance and content censorship.

AI is going to personalize our smartphone experience. Honor mobile phones offer great AI experience. Honor 10 is powered by Kirin 970 which is a dedicated neural processing chip. It allows Honor 10 to carry out functions like scene recognition, high optical zooms, portrait mode, ultra-fast shutter speed and semantic image segmentation. Honor 10 can be bought with easy finance option from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

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