A Must-Have October Accessory: A Dohar

The month of October is a strange one in terms of weather. It is typically hot and dry in most parts of the country, and it is often referred to as a mini Indian summer. Falling asleep and being comfortable in bed can become quite tough, especially if you use the wrong blanket. You need a dohar for the hot month.

What is a dohar?

A dohar is a typically Indian blanket made of cotton. It derives its name from the Hindi term ‘doharana’ which means ‘to repeat’ or ‘to layer’. It is called thus because it comprises layers of beaten cotton layers as a filling. This filling is then encased in either muslin or cotton sheets. Cotton is more popular as a casing material, since it is more easily available, more affordable and easier to maintain than muslin. Also, cotton dohars can be used all around the year.

The benefits of using a dohar in October

As mentioned earlier, cotton double Dohar or single dohar can be used all year long in India. If you are looking to buy dohars online, you should know the benefits of the product first:

  • It is a thinner covering than a comforter or quilt, so it can be folded away for travel much easily. This is helpful for children who are used to sleeping with a favoured piece of bed linen – the dohar can be rolled up or folded to a small square to fit inside the suitcase.
  • Since it is thinner and not as warm as a comforter or downy quilt, it can be used in summer with the air-conditioning on, and certainly in other seasons like monsoon, spring and winter. It keeps you warm and comfortable even on cold nights. It is the ideal sleep time companion for the month of October, when the weather turns dry and hot before cooling down for winter.
  • You can buy single and double dohars online from premium bed linen brands in India. They come in different colours and patterns, and are also available in kids’ bed sizes.
  • The cotton dohar blanket is easy to wash and maintain, and does not require dry cleaning or special care post-wash. Just wash it in the washing machine with a good liquid detergent, and put it in the dryer or air dry without direct sunlight.
  • Everybody appreciates having at least one dohar, whether a double or single dohar, in their bed. It is an ideal item to gift this season with Diwali coming up.

How to buy the best dohars online

  • Ascertain if you want to buy a single or a double dohar. If you are used to sharing a blanket with your partner, then a dohar blanket in a double size is best. If not, you should get two singles.
  • Look for colours and patterns that match your sensibilities, and also the room décor. The dohars online need not match your room colour to the exact hue, but a shade of the same colour will do. If you don’t like to match the colours, get a double or single dohars in contrasting shades.
  • Once you have the preferred colour and size, check out the wash and care instructions of the product. Cotton dohars can be washed in the washing machine and should not be dry cleaned or bleached.
  • Check if the store delivers to your area code, then proceed to pay for the purchases online. It is better to pay online instead of transacting in cash, for your safety during the pandemic times.

Start using your lovely new dohars and enjoy several nights of blissful sleep, whatever the season.

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