A Beginners' Guide to Wearing Diamond Cross Necklaces

Women who attended private catholic schools will remember how cross pendants were the only exception to the “no jewelry” rule. It was the only acceptable way to show some personal style. Fast-forward to the present day, celebrities have made a style statement out of diamond cross necklaces. It’s interesting to note that cross diamond pendants were previously worn only by medieval European royal families, as a symbol of their status as well as devotion.

However, diamond cross necklaces are available today for both traditionalists and the style-conscious. With exquisite craftsmanship, choice of metals, and designs, all at affordable prices, they can drive true aesthetic value with cross pendants.

So, if you’re looking to buy diamond cross necklaces online, here’s a guide to choosing the best piece.

Brush Up Your Diamond Instincts

You are buying diamond cross pendants, so you need to know how to spot the best ones. All that glitters isn’t gold, and all that dazzles isn’t diamond either. Always remember the 4 C’s of cut, color, clarity, and carat. Also remember, when it concerns diamonds, bigger is not always better.

If budget is a concern, check out lab-grown diamonds. These are a great alternative to mined diamonds, especially for those who are environmentally aware. They are sourced through completely conflict-free and environmentally safe means. The best part is that they cost a fraction of the price of mined diamonds without compromising on the sparkle.

A Subtle Difference in Men’s and Women’s Styles

You will find subtle design differences in cross diamond pendants and necklaces for men and women. For example, women’s cross pendants tend to have more floral, petite, or softer silhouettes or accents. They may look like they are cast out of ribbons. Designs for men are usually sharper or angular. However, cross necklaces can be worn by anyone. With your confidence and poise, you can carry off any design with style.

When you are shopping online for diamond cross necklaces, choose a retailer who provides accurate specifications for each jewelry piece.

Decide Your Metal of Choice

Diamond cross necklaces feature dazzling, perfectly matched diamonds, set in exquisitely crafted yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and sterling silver. You can choose a long cable chain in sterling silver, for that contemporary look. A classic box chain can add charm to your everyday look. While gold is beautiful and durable, sterling silver is more versatile. Sterling silver is also hypoallergenic.

The Length of the Chain Matters

Whether you choose a 16” or 18” chain will depend on your usual style of dressing. Deeper necklines look better with longer chains. Consider an extender so that you have the option to wear both short and long chains.

Choose the Right Clasps

If you’re planning to wear the piece every day, don’t forget to check the clasp. Lobster clasps can be very secure, but some people might find them complicated. Spring clasps could be a better option. Some other clasps commonly found are barrel clasps and magnetic clasps.

Take Good Care of Your Jewelry

Diamond needs to be stored carefully to ensure that they retain their sparkle for a long time to come. Ensure you store each piece separately in a high-quality pouch or box. Never store diamonds with other jewelry pieces, since it could lead to abrasions or scratches.

A cross diamond pendant is incredibly meaningful, while also being very on-trend. This is a timeless piece of jewelry that could even become a family heirloom.

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