7 things to consider before buying an L shaped corner sofa

The L-shaped corner sofais the best thing for home furniture, particularly sofas. Living room furniture in Dubai is so advanced that prospective buyers can get lured by the alluring and tempting varieties of L-shaped corner sofas for the living rooms and bedrooms, and lounges. Unless the 7 steps about to be discussed are considered, prospective customers can get saddled with an otherwise beautiful corner sofa that does not fit nor blend well with the home’s décor and cause an embarrassment in front of guests and visitors.

Here are the 7 things to consider before going for that deceptively attractive corner sofa.

The first step is comparing the size and location of the room with the available options. There are several other things to be considered. Imagine getting a left-hand L shaped sofa for a right-handed corner. Such mistakes can result in a design disaster as the buyer will be saddled with a sofa that is of no further use and cannot even be discarded. The L shaped sofa must occupy a corner and still provide space to move around the room. Buyers need to measure the size of the room and compare the measurements of the room for which the sofa is being purchased.

The second step is to match the corner sofa with the theme and décor of the home. This includes themes, colours, material and cushion designs. Most furniture stores in Dubai have professional interior decorators, and they can give valuable input on matching styles of corner sofas with the home.

The third step is to look out for the pricing. This is a privilege not only for furniture in Dubai but also for almost everything from automobiles to yachts and including luxury furniture stores.Dubai is known for unbelievable offers during festivals and shopping seasons. A great idea would be to select the type of sofa and wait for the promo and discount season to start,

The most important fourth step is to measure the size of doors, windows and openings. There have been cases where a grand matched L shaped sofa could not even be brought into a home and lay outside for a long time before the seller agreed to replace it with a smaller version of the L shaped sofa.

The fifth step is to select L shaped sofas with special gadgets such as footrests and an electrical reclining facility. This is related to size, and these gadgets could occupy more space than the original matched size.

The sixth step is to not only select a design and décor that matches the décor of the home but to ensure the designs selected are perennial and rarely go out of fashion.

The vital seventh step is to match physically. Would-be buyers are advised to take a fabric sample and see if it physically matches home décor. Many times a physical check can detect a mismatch. Armed with mature suggestions and tips, prospective buyers can go for that dream corner sofa at the right time and save money in the process.

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