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We all hold our mobile phones close to our hearts unless it is time to sell them for an upgrade or some cash. Whatever the case be, there are a few tips that you must consider before selling your mobile phone to someone else, including your friend.

A thought like I want to sell my phone for cash is always enough to get started. Replace the word cash with an upgrade, and you will still be good to read this article ahead.

6 Tips To Sell Mobile Phone For Instant Cash

To start with, avoid selling your mobile phones directly to another person. Consider visiting a professional store or getting in touch with an eCommerce platform. They will charge a certain percentage as a commission, but it will be worth it.

Next, let us get into more details about tips to consider to sell your mobile phone for cash.

1. Remove Every Card

A card here refers to the memory card and SIM card. An SD Card contains the personal data you choose to save. Removing it should be the basic thing to do. Handing over your mobile phone to someone along with the memory card will also give away your data to that person.

The same goes for SIM cards. They mostly help you to connect with another person, but a SIM card with your name attached to it should only remain with you. If another person gets unauthorized access to it, then the chances are that you can get into trouble for something that they have done.

2. Use Original Box

Saying I want to sell my phone for cash is a beginning that can happen at any stage. One drawback is that no one knows when that stage arrives. Many people end up throwing away the original branded box immediately after opening it up.

This is wrong on many levels as you are then ineligible to return your mobile phone to the seller. In the later stage of I want to sell my phone for cash, it ruins the reputation of your device. The buyer thinks very little of it and negotiates more than necessary.

3. Backup Your Data

Data once lost cannot be restored on any device. Therefore, always back up the mobile phone data before you even declare I want to sell my phone for cash. This includes contact information, media files, and applications.

Backing up data enables the seller to transfer it safely to a new mobile phone. Android phones normally back up the data automatically. The same may not be the case with iOS, where users are first required to access iCloud to avail of the service.

4. Replace Screen Protector

This will be required only if the screen protector is broken. The artificial transparent screen protects a mobile phone from unnecessary scratches and damages. However, it may get damaged at times, making the mobile phone look bad.

Before anyone proceeds with the thought of I want to sell my phone for cash, it is recommended to replace the broken screen protector with a brand new one. Sellers can also consider offering an additional screen protector to buyers. Provide it as a promotional offer to leave a lasting impression.

5. Clean The Device

Another thing that can help sellers leave a lasting impression is cleaning the device. Technically speaking, a mobile phone must be cleaned from all the junk files before selling it to someone. Traditionally speaking, take up a piece of cloth and clean every corner of the mobile phone.

Having an idea to sell my phone for cash will fetch more money if the mobile phone has been cleaned properly. It is a good gesture to clean something before selling it.

6. Perform Factory Reset

Factory reset for a mobile phone is a way to start everything from the beginning, literally. Sellers must only ensure to backup the entire set of data before performing a factory reset. It does not erase data from the SD Card.

The thought of selling my phone for cash will yield better returns if the mobile phone is reset to its original settings. Buyers prefer to purchase a mobile phone that has been factory reset.

The best-case scenario is to reach out to a professional you trust. eCommerce platforms are also the best options as they send a professional themselves to perform every necessary task.

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