6 Major Reasons for using a credit card in Dubai

They say that Dubai is where you can go if you want to shop till you drop. With a wide range of options and multitudes of places to choose from – Dubai gives you an unparalleled shopping experience. But you should keep in mind that shopping in Dubai cannot rely on cash transactions because exchanging currency every time you shop is not feasible. Sometimes you might not have enough cash. The exchange rates can be higher and simple because carrying too much liquid cash while travelling is not advisable. That is why you should make use of a credit card in the UAE.

Here are 6 major reasons why you should use a credit card in Dubai-

  1. Credit cards are easy to use, hassle-free, and universally accepted in almost all places, from hotels to restaurants to stores. You will not face the problem of running out of cash. You can simply whip out your credit card and make your payment
  2. You can save while you shop- with cashback offers, additional discounts with partner stores and brands- you can make the most of your spending by using your credit card.There is also an exclusive 105 discount that is applicable across an endless range of products at Dubai Duty-Free. In this way, every time you shop in Dubai duty-free, you make an additional 05 discount which is always a good thing for shoppers! You do not have to worry about not having enough money in your purse because your credit card has got you covered!
  3. A credit card ensures a safe transaction, you will always be notified of your deductions, and you will have a clear history of all the transactions that you have made. You will not have to worry about tracking your finances with a credit card because you can access everything.
  4. You can avail of exclusive offers, discount codes, coupons while shopping or making payments and get good bargains even while spending money. There are also hundreds of local offers that you can avail while shopping in the UAE. A credit also means that you get to buy products in real-time and pay at a later time. It just makes shopping a breeze.
  5. Credit cardholders also have retail protection Insurance, as well as online fraud protection that keep you safe from online scams. Retail protection Insurance protects you from accidental damage as well as from theft of your valuable items in certain conditions.
  6. You can also use your credit card in UAE and collect points that can be used to buy more products or redeemed while making any other purchase.

Using a credit card in UAE has a lot of benefits and perks. Having a credit card makes travelling and shopping, not just fuss-free but also enjoyable. It makes tracking your expenditure much easier and also keeps you safe from online scams and phishing. It also gives access to exclusive benefits like discount codes, coupons for partner merchants and a lot more. A shopper can save more while actually spending money. You will also have 24×7 customer service support to guide you through your problems and address any queries that you might have. You, as a shopper, will have all the facilities in the form of one card. That is why it is highly suggested that you use a credit card in UAE.It just makes your Dubai experience smoother and makes all your shopping dreams come true!

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