5 Types of Earrings That Are Must-Haves in Your Jewelry Collection

Earrings are possibly the most striking accessory, which brightens your face to complete your look. They can add definition to your face if you choose the type of earrings well. So, it’s important to try different earrings to know which ones help you look your best and suit the shape of your face.

Here are 5 types of fashion earrings that you must add to your jewelry collection since you can sport them with different outfits on various occasions.


Stud earrings trace their origins back 7,000 years. They were first worn in ancient Asia, primarily by men, to show their higher social status. Over the years, these earrings have evolved to become a fashion staple of everyone, including celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Cara Delevingne, and Kylie Jenner.

Today, studs come in a plethora of designs and styles. For instance, rose gold over sterling silver diamond accent heart stud earrings can look great with outfits of soft pastel shades. Small sterling silver diamond knot earrings can go well with any formal wear. Black or blue diamond paw stud earrings can pair beautifully with a printed top. Pink and white Preciosa crystal butterfly studs in yellow gold can uplift the grace of a floral dress.

Disney-inspired studs like Tinker Bell earrings, Jasmine moon & star earrings, and multicolored Elsa snowflake earrings can brighten up a range of outfits.

For a bold look, men can choose black diamond stud earrings in yellow gold over sterling silver and pair them with casual wear. Yellow gold over sterling silver diamond miracle plate studs is a sophisticated match with formal wear.


Hoops originated in the erstwhile Nubia in around 2,500 BCE. By 1,500 BCE, they had become a symbol of wealth and power among Egyptians. Over time, these earrings became popular among Ancient Greeks and Romans too.

Today almost all cultures have embraced hoops. They are favorites of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, and Gigi Hadid.

Consider pairing yellow gold over sterling silver large diamond hoop earrings with dresses, leather jackets, and casual wear. Thick sterling silver diamond hoop earrings can look classy and elegant for evening parties. Small yellow gold and sterling silver hoops can perfectly go with formal outfits.

For something unique and bold, you can shop for Disney-inspired Maleficent earrings or Star Wars Dark Armor hoops in black rhodium and sterling silver. If you want a touch of grace, consider buying Star Wars Galactic Royalty diamond hoop earrings for women in rose gold.

Drop Earrings

Like hoops, drop earrings were also prominent in Ancient Egypt. These earrings, as their name suggests, drop right below your earlobe and have limited movement. Celebrities like Natalie Portman and Victoria Justice are known to slay the red carpet in these earrings.

You too can up your style quotient with these earrings. You can wear seed charm drop earrings in rose gold with an off-shoulder top. White and champagne zirconia drops in white gold can pair brilliantly with outfits in warm colors. A pair of Disney Belle rose drop earrings can elevate the beauty of a floral dress at any party. Mulan rose gold over sterling silver butterfly drop earrings can look lovely with a majestic gown.


Long ago, earrings shaped as hoops were gradually made with hanging pendants. These earrings hang from the bottom of the earlobes, swing more than drops, and can be of various lengths. From the era of the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans to the Renaissance and modern times, danglers have always been on-trend. Today celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, and Lady Gaga exude elegance in diamond dangle earrings.

Consider pairing sterling silver white and black diamond twisted infinity dangle earrings with a stylish monochrome dress. Rose gold over brass red agate danglers can be perfect for a Bohemian look. For a sleek, long, and minimalistic outfit, blue and white sapphire danglers in sterling silver can be a great choice. Disney Cinderella carriage chandelier earrings can turn heads at a cocktail party.

Gemstone Earrings

Big names like Kate Middleton, Emelia Clark, and Saoirse Ronan have been seen in gorgeous gemstone earrings.

Such earrings should also find a place in your diamond jewelry collection. Emerald and clear crystal long danglers in sterling silver can look stunning with a slip dress. Marquise Amethyst and white sapphire spiral earrings can add an edgy look to various outfits. Ruby teardrop studs with diamond accents can be a royal statement on any occasion. Snow White Garnet and diamond bow earrings can be adorably styled with furry outfits.

Make sure to buy diamond and gemstone earrings for women or men from an online jewelry store that even offers trendy and unique fashion earrings and even bespoke ones. Also, check for holiday season discounts, free shipping, and easy returns on diamond and other jewelry pieces for the best shopping experience.

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